Pictures and videos Images and videos are becoming more and more relevant .

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Pictures and videos Images and videos are becoming more and more relevant .

And it is that Internet users tend to understand an image or a video better than the text within your page. Therefore, it would be a good idea for the content of your website to show some images and videos to improve the experience that users who visit the site will have, which they will like a lot and, without a doubt, Google will let you know. Meta description The meta description is the basic information that Google’s algorithm uses to determine web content and decide whether to display it on its results pages. And not only that, but also this meta description is shown in the search results, so it is read by many users before deciding whether or not brazil mobile number to enter your link. So it is important to make the most of them, incorporating the keywords in them and offering a very interesting message for your potential visitor, in order for them to click on the input link. Links (edit) In this section, it is worth highlighting two powerful techniques that cannot be lacking in any SEO positioning strategy, and we are referring to link building and interlinkg . One, link building , serves to capture visits from your competition’s websites that are already positioned, using links that go to your page from them. And the other, interlinking , is to use it within your own page and make visitors last longer seeing your content, which will offer you better positioning results. Social media Links on social networks are also very important, since when a user “likes” one of your publications and shares it, that action can end up generating more visits to your website.

And that is so in any of the multiple social networks that exist, be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But there is still more, since Google and the other search engines will notice and consider that your content is of interest and of good quality. Therefore, they will give your website a better place on its first page of results , which will attract many more people. SEO and web design Most important elements in web design When we talk about a quality web design for your site we are talking about many things. However, the most important are the following factors: Site layout A poorly designed web page, not very intuitive and without any charm, will undoubtedly give the user a bad first impression of your site. That is why it is so important that your website has a really attractive design, which impacts the user as soon as the page loads and makes them feel that they are on a professional website. This will make it stay longer on the site consuming your content and your bounce rate will have better results in the metrics. Page loading speed It is true that having a really attractive design is essential to keep users interested as soon as they enter your company’s website. However, you also have to bear in mind that the site must load at a good speed, so that the user is not distracted, annoyed or leaves the page due to the slowness with which the sections of it load.

Therefore, and to achieve better results, designers will have to strive to create a good-looking website for your brand, without resorting to the excessive use of certain elements that only cause the web to load more slowly. Quality mobile interface More and more users are using their mobile phone or smartphone to access the internet, so it is very important that your website has a mobile version suitable for these devices. And which should continue to show a high level of professionalism, an elegant, intuitive design, and of course, with a good loading speed. mobile web design Representation of your brand A creative and eye-catching design is very important to attract attention quickly and impact users who visit the page. However, that design must also be able to capture the essence of your brand , represent it and show it to your potential clients each time they Taiwan Database visit your website. In other words, your website must be identified with your company and that the impression it offers is consistent with the other media you use, whether physical or digital. Web Design Tips That Influence SEO Many times what is good for web design, in quotes, can negatively affect SEO, and that is why there are a few tips that you should follow so that this does not happen, and, thus, get the best SEO web design . Heavy images and videos It is true that accompanying the text of your website with the odd image or video that is useful to improve the user experience is a very good thing. But you have to make sure that that image or video doesn’t weigh too much

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