Plugins to Create Free Logos

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Plugins to Create Free Logos

It is an alternative to Illustrator with an interface and functionalities that will make you not miss this program. It does allow you to convert PNG images into vectors and is available in Spanish, so you can easily create vectorized logos with it. The best part is that Inkscape is free, and while it’s highly recommended, it obviously has its limitations compared to Illustrator. Also, just like with this software, you will need some classes to use it properly. Being an open source and super accessible software, its functionalities are minor. Therefore, if what you want is to make a vectorized logo and that’s it, it’s the ideal program! Likewise, if you are a Linux user, using Inkscape to vectorize logos will be your best option. 3.gravity This vector design application stands out for being easy to use.

Even if you are a beginner, and it works as a web service. In other words, you don’t need to download the program, you can create free vectorized logos from scratch on their website. You only have to register with an email. Other great advantages are: In addition to being 100% online and you can use it without having to Qatar Phone Number an app, there is a desktop option where you can work offline. It is compatible with MacOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS. If you have a touch screen, you can use this program directly from its interface using your fingers as tools and taking your vectorized logos to the next level. It has unlimited cloud storage. In this way, you will never lose your jobs and you can advance as you need.

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It supports various file types like PDF, SVG, EPS, Ai and Sketch. As an additional advantage, it has a series of color, typography and texture editing tools that will allow you to give your designs a unique touch. Its disadvantage is that it does not export images in CMYK or convert PNG files to vectors. On the other hand, it is also necessary to mention that this tool to make vector logos is paid and costs around 50 dollars per month . However, you can do a 90-day free trial and explore all its features beforehand. make a vectorized logo with gravit Source: Gravity 4.Method Draw This open source application that is still in stages of development and improvements by its creator. However, it already has a series of tools that you can implement in your designs, among them, the function of vectorizing logos.

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Method Draw is a web service with which you can create free vectorized logos from scratch, although it is more limited than the previous ones. You can try it to warm up in the world of illustration. In fact, it has a shortcut guide to use it more easily and quickly. It also has the option of installing it on your computer, so that you can save all your work in the cloud and not lose any progress in creating your vectorized logos. 5. Vector Vectr is a free vector graphics editor that you can use online as well as download to your computer. One of the great advantages of this tool is that its learning curve is not very pronounced and its quality of work is very powerful. Another positive point of this program to make vectorized.

Collaborating Online With Your Work Team

Its great disadvantage is that it only has an English version, but you can explore all its tutorials and user guides by applying an automatic translator with a Chrome extension. Do you dare to try it? 6. Sketch Are you looking for a simple, simple but at the same time complete software for vectorized logos? Sketch can definitely help you in the process. This tool boasts of working with “perfect pixels” so it is a guaranteed success. The great news we have for you is that thanks to Sketch you can do the entire design process in one place, these are some of its main functions: It allows you to create your first sketches from scratch thanks to its large number of tools. It is possible to work collaboratively with other creators, leave comments and even assign tasks.

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