Predictions for 2019: What will be the main trends in digital marketing

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Predictions for 2019: What will be the main trends in digital marketing

Criteo has published what it foresees will be the seven main trends of 2019. The regulation of user data, technological advances and the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing will bring with it the keys for both brands and retailers, from individually or cooperatively, achieve success in 2019.

Regulating user data worldwide
Since its implementation in Europe, in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation has had great global support. Marketers need to more carefully manage their audience data and report on data usage. Google is rethinking the way it collects and monetizes  uk phone number database  data to find a way to give users more control over whether or not they share their personal information and search history.

Using data management best practices around the world will restore consumer and digital marketing trust, which in turn will benefit businesses by allowing them to offer consumers greater transparency and choice.

The tech giants will be subject to greater control
Following a series of data breach incidents, tech giants like Google, Facebook or Amazon (also called Walled Gardens because of the restricted access to their data and because they manage their own advertising ecosystem) have been in the spotlight on how in which they share and protect user data. In July 2018, Google was fined and an investigation was opened against Amazon for the use of the data. In 2019, Facebook, Google and Amazon will introduce new policies on data sharing and user privacy. This will lead tech giants to find better and clearer ways to obtain user consent on how and for what purposes their data will be used.

Video ad spending to skyrocket driven by private marketplaces
The Private Marketplaces (PMPs) will grow investment in video advertising, as marketers seek premium inventory and improve performance by viewing these ads in video format on high quality sites.

On smartphones, video content is consumed mostly through apps. This means that it is the apps that will increase the investment in video advertising the most in 2019.

Brands and retailers will team up to better leverage omnichannel data
Many brands and retailers will develop their omnichannel capabilities through collaboration and data sharing. For brands, consumer knowledge is essential to make the right decisions. In this sense, the tech giants offer very little to brands, so collaboration with other retailers can help them collect data for the knowledge of users on a large scale.

Greater adoption of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing
In 2018, several digital marketing companies announced their investments in Artificial Intelligence to offer personalized solutions through machine learning . Artificial Intelligence will allow marketers to know more about consumers and offer personalized  uk phone number database  and more relevant messages. In 2019 there will be companies that will begin to take the lead in developing and offering better advertising solutions and systems based on Artificial Intelligence to reduce advertising fraud.

Digital advertising will move from agencies to develop in-house
Due to the continuous advances around the regulation of consumer data, this trend will accelerate, as brands and retailers will want to have more control over user data. In addition, the incorporation of in-house advertising operations will mean significant cost and time savings.

Visual technology and voice recognition will have a greater impact on digital marketing
Brands and retailers who are committed to optimizing their websites for voice or visual search will attract those buyers looking for instant information on the go. In addition, they will generate more effective interactions with consumers.

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