Procreate Tutorial, How to Create Your Character

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Procreate Tutorial, How to Create Your Character

What better way to learn to use an application than with a guide that tells you step by step to achieve your goals. Through this Procreate tutorial you will know how to create your animated character in a simple way and with high quality results. If you have doubts about the tool that we will use, remember that Procreate is a digital design and illustration program considered, by 80% of designers and design students, as one of the easiest programs to use. That’s why Procreate is said to be the favorite app for artists . You have doubts? Don’t worry, in this Procreate tutorial you will see all the benefits that this design program brings to you for creating your animated characters. 1. Add your references According to Baks Fonseca, teacher and designer at Crehana, in her video tutorial Procreate to make a character inspired by the Disney movie.

On this occasion she suggests that you have on hand: A sample of the ‘Soul’ drawings , to keep in mind the Disney design. A sample of the style of illustration that you are going to use. A photo of the person you are animating (in this case she is using a photo of herself). Article Try Crehana Premium for free and access the entire catalog of courses for 24 hours Go Premium 2. Define your color palette When you already have the visual references in your worksheet, the next step in the Procreate Belize Phone Number would be choosing the color palette. Given that in this opportunity the imitation of a character from ‘Soul’ is being aimed at, it is ideal that the color palette takes into account the tones that exist in the sample image that you mounted on your work table.

Add Your References

Put this idea into practice too! COLOR PALETTE 3. Choose the Procreate brushes to use in your animation In the case of this Procreate tutorial, the use of the Gloaming brush which has a smooth path is suggested, and the other would be the Medium Bico which looks like spray paint. However, there are many types of Procreate brushes that you can play with when creating your character. Our professor Valinsky in her video of her Types of brushes for Procreate , for example, shows us some of the possibilities. The Narinder Pencil brush, for example, which she usually uses for her initial sketches . The Brush Pen, which generates thicker strokes, similar to those achieved with a marker, and she recommends for the creation of lettering, the art of drawing letters .

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Here are some of the Procreate brushes that you can use in the Procreate tutorial to create your animated character, or to interact with in future Procreate tutorials. 4. Sketch your animated character Create a new layer on which you will do your drawing. Select the Gloaming brush and according to the Procreate tutorial, start sketching what the head would be. You can 100% imitate the drawing style that Disney uses. But if you feel more comfortable with your line of work, it may be best to continue there . Our teacher Fonseca in the Procreate tutorial, for example. Wants to keep an air of ‘Soul’, but following her personal drawing style. “Using your style will give the illustration a lot more personality ,” says Fonseca in the middle of the Procreate tutorial.

Define Your Color Palette

As shown in the Procreate tutorial, one of the characters has a larger head than its torso. Reaching twice the size. While the other has a proportionate body, the head and torso being the same size. Choose which one you find most interesting and imitate it! Keep in mind that for the sketch you must take into account. The body proportions of the characters in the world of Soul . The 6B Pencil has much more texture, like chalk. And can be used for filling (not automatically) or for drawing lines .  The Studio Pen is an ideal brush to make the color fills of your drawings. Since a uniform fill is achieved. In the Procreate tutorial, Fonseca leaves the palette references. In one corner of the artboard, much like the paints you put on the palette when drawing on canvas.

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