Profiles and creative talent will become a fashion commodity in 2019

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Profiles and creative talent will become a fashion commodity in 2019

One of the topics of debate in recent times in the world of marketing has been the confrontation between creative work and technology. Now that new technologies were more present than ever, the importance of creativity as an element to reach the consumer could be questioned. In the world of data, of personalization, of artificial intelligence that is in charge of doing so many things? Is creativity still important?

Many analysts have already made it clear that, despite the fact that technology makes things easier for companies in some areas and that although it makes  buy cell number  the way to reach the consumer much more effective in others, it cannot be lost. in view of the importance of creative work. Creativity is what makes the brand stand out, that it is unique, and that is something that a machine, no matter how advanced, cannot yet do.

However, investment in martech has been rising like wildfire in recent years and so has the signing of technological talent, something that is quite logical considering the state of things.

The most sought-after profiles and those that star in studies, forecasts and trends are usually those that are closely linked to technology and those that allow us to reach specific questions. Data scientists, data analysts, data managers, cybersecurity experts … They have also been the most sought-after professionals in recent times in the marketing and advertising industry and in the teams that companies dedicate to these areas.

Although this search for profiles and the need to make technology signings should not overshadow the creative and should not make us forget that these professionals are also very important, especially in an environment in which brands are finding it increasingly difficult to stand out above of your competition.

And, perhaps, companies are also beginning to understand it and creative professionals are also beginning to be one of the great things of the moment.

According to a recent study by The Creative Group, creative profiles are going to become a high point in the hiring plans of the industry in the coming months. The data comes from the United States, but shows a beginning of a change in trend or, at least, a broadening in the state of things. As noted in The Drum , creative talent is going to become a fashionable commodity in the coming year.

What are they looking for as a creative professional?
What does the study point to? According to their data, 60% of those responsible for hiring in marketing and advertising will look for creative personnel during the first half of 2019.

They will be especially in areas such as development for web and mobile and in production of web shows, which will be the areas on the rise and also the most complicated to fill. Companies will want workers with those creative abilities, but they will find themselves with a limited talent pool.

These professionals will be joined by experts in visual design, creative development or user experience capabilities. They are all workers and profiles that fit into what the digital transformation is demanding and that impose new formats and new ways of generating and distributing messages.

They are also hard to find
And all of them are, like their techie colleagues, hard to find. 92% of those surveyed say that finding creative professionals is a challenge. 19% of them  buy cell number  say that the problem to attract talent is in how slow the hiring processes are and 17% in that they are not able to offer a competitive salary.

On how those new creative workers are integrated into the workforce, many companies will opt for collaboration models. In addition to recruiting talent and forming a permanent part of the team, freelance work will also be sought. 56% of companies say that the number of freelancers they work with will increase in the next six months.

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