Provide Connection of Multiple Accounts

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Provide Connection of Multiple Accounts

When we talk about what Figma is, one of the first advantages that we highlight is the possibility of accessing all the accounts, profiles of the Figma community and workspaces… From a single screen! Not only this: through what is Figma, you will have the possibility to jump, immediately, between the different workspaces . How? In the upper left corner of the Figma screen. Now, if you’re interested in accounts, check out the account picker, which is located in the top right corner of the screen. Article Try Crehana Premium for free and access the entire catalog of courses for 24 hours Go Premium 5. Renew important functions If there is something that characterized Figma before, it was the code panel. However, this resource has evolved into the inspection plate.

And what is this function used for? Through this resource, users will have the possibility of making it easier for their collaborators (mainly developers) to obtain codes and values ​​of the project in which they are working. What kind of data can be obtained using this function? Some of the information options that could be used to extract data are the following: Colors variants Shades Properties Contents borders Typography In addition, another Ghana Phone Number has been renewed in everything that is Figma: the instance exchange menu, to which a push-style menu was added. This menu has become a favorite feature of designers, giving them the opportunity to navigate through components effortlessly. In addition, there is also the possibility to use the dropdown selector, through which you have the opportunity to switch between equipment collections.

Renew Important Functions

As if that wasn’t enough, there is a fancy thumbnail version, in case you want to check your component in preview. 6. Full integration with Zeplin As if that were not enough, one of the high points within everything that Figma is is that it is also compatible with the native Zeplin plugin. Do you know what this tool is for? Mainly, among its most outstanding functions, we point out that Zeplin allows the export of Figma projects, just by pressing the right mouse button, to Zeplin’s own workspaces. Best of all , this transition, unlike other design apps, doesn’t suffer from any performance or resolution issues should you need to export larger Figma designs or frames. Both platforms are developing a function that allows direct updating of certain Figma components in Zeplin.

Ghana Phone Number

Share comments and reviews of the project in question Just using. Figma for UI/UX design review ends up becoming just a group conference. The good thing about all this is that the whole team has the. Possibility to review possible bugs in real time, as well as to register comments. While problem solving all happens within the same design framework. This point, that of sharing comments, is one of the special points of what Figma is, since this resource supports the most advanced technology in terms of comments. Thus, any customer with Slack or an email address will be able to see the suggestions and comments due stored. UX development Source: Pexels Why use Figma? To answer what is Figma and why use it, we first need to be aware of the importance of UX design today.

Full Integration With Zeplin

Nicolas Cabieses, our teacher of the Introduction to UX Design online course. Explains it perfectly: ” the creative industry is pushing us to create. User-friendly digital products no matter what kind of designer you are. Today, no designer you should ignore UX design as part of your knowledge .” Considering how important UX design is nowadays. Do you want to know the importance of Figma and why you should use it? We tell you! 1. It is a collaborative tool Yes, we already told you about it above. But this feature of Figma is worth mentioning again and again. UX design is characterized by phases in which several people are involved. So real-time collaboration will help save time and also make any adjustments along the way . It has no limitations Figma has a free version for two designers.

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