Provide value by typing sometimes means not filling the space between two lines

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Provide value by typing sometimes means not filling the space between two lines

Not giving answers can be incredibly difficult as a blogger because you don’t want to give the feeling that you don’t have them. Sometimes it is better to ask the right questions. Before starting this post I have taken a standard size post from Seth Paraguay Phone Number List to find out how many words on average he uses in his posts. The idea came about because honestly this weekend I will be involved with these things and I wanted to know how this man manages to say so much with so little . Empty BloggingFotolia photo rights

There are many articles that do not reach 100, sometimes there are 200 and few reach 400 words. How is it possible to add value with so little? The key is that your texts require interpretation and reflection. It is a type of content that not everyone likes because they prefer things chewed up. They don’t feel like having to use their heads. Seth Godin does not show you the way, nor does he give you a map but he helps you interpret the stars so that they guide you (how good this sounded eh… 🙂 ). It is incredibly difficult not to fill that gap as a blogger because as a person you have your own experience and opinion.

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You are afraid of not providing details because it might seem like you don’t have answers and everything you say doesn’t add enough value. It must be clear that it is not about sharing your truth. Magic happens when you get someone through your content to be able to see their path or at least to intuit the journey. Adding value by writing can sometimes mean Taiwan Database not filling in that space between two lines or words. Few things in life have an exact recipe or formula. What works for one to be happy does not have to apply in the same way to others. It is not always about giving answers but about showing the good questions.

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