Read on if you want to know what lead scoring is, why it is important and how it can help

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Read on if you want to know what lead scoring is, why it is important and how it can help

You in your business. What is lead scoring or how to score potential customers Lead scoring, also known as lead qualification , is a marketing automation technique that consists of giving a qualification to the leads that are part of a database according to their degree of adequacy with various parameters such as their approximation with the buyer persona, the different interactions they have with the company, the status of the purchasing process they are in or the degree of opportunity to acquire or expand the products or services contracted with the company. To better understand what the concept of lead scoring consists of, we are going to use a metaphor.   Panama Phone Number List  scoring would be a kind of thermometer capable of measuring the temperature of each lead . Lead scoring allows you to know the degree of score or interest that a lead shows towards the acquisition of a specific product or service. It allows you to know if it is a hot lead or a cold lead depending on the status of the purchase process you are in. Lead Scoring is therefore a process through which each lead is qualified and classified based on the degree of interest shown towards a product or service and the degree of interest that this lead arouses in the company itself . It is used to organize the contact database so that the marketing and sales departments focus their efforts on the leads who are most willing to acquire the product or service being offered.

This does not mean that the rest of the leads are not important, for them it is necessary to propose a lead nurturing strategy through which to advance them through the purchase process. Why is lead scoring important? Lead scoring is important because it allows optimizing the marketing actions of a company and identifying which are the best business opportunities according to the interest and degree of involvement shown by the user at all times. Thanks to lead scoring , marketing actions can be much more effective , which will make it much easier to achieve the objectives set. The contact database is an element of great importance for both the marketing team and the sales team. However, on many occasions it is not well classified or does not follow a specific order, hindering marketing and commercial actions and making them less effective than they actually could be. This is where the importance of lead scoring comes into play. Lead scoring helps segment the contact database through a rating system , which allows the company to carry out fully personalized actions for its contacts and thus achieve greater effectiveness through them. This technique makes the job of marketing and sales departments easier , as well as being ideal for guiding each potential customer through the conversion funnel until the sale is achieved.

In addition, on many occasions that end customer will have a positive opinion about the company thanks to their good experience and, in the best of cases, they can become a prescriber to encourage other users to purchase the company’s products or services. Not all contacts in the database are at the same point in the purchase process or show the same degree of interest. Some just need one last push to decide to buy a specific product or service, and others may need more information about it. Each lead has different needs because it is in a different stage of the process, shows a different degree of interest or needs a certain type of specific content; For this reason, the actions to be carried out for each of them must also be different.. Lead scoring allows you to clearly segment the database to know the real needs of each contact and be able to anticipate them by  Taiwan Database  offering what you are actually demanding. Types of leads The term lead refers to the records in a company’s database after users have provided their data to said company after showing interest in any of its products or services. That is, when a user is interested in a product or service and provides personal data to the company, the company enters said data as records in its database, thus obtaining a lead. There are many different ways for the user to provide their data to the company: completing a form, requesting more information, going to customer service points, etc. Not all leads are the same and are classified according to the status of the purchase cycle they are in and their potential to be end customers .

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