Regarding the development of the online store , many of the modules are paid

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Regarding the development of the online store , many of the modules are paid

So they offer an update quite regularly. prestashop banner In conclusion Both platforms present their benefits, but the choice of one platform or another will depend on the business model you want to bet on. It also depends on the store, its size and the points that are given the most importance. PrestaShop is more complete and recommended if we have a cyprus telephone large ecommerce with expansion intentions. Also, it is developed to be an e-commerce platform. As mentioned above, it allows you to have absolute control of all aspects of the store and customize each aspect of the sales process, this being an ideal software to have everything under control. Nor do we have to make very high economic investments if we want to have it, since it is an open and free source. Best of all, we can add all the functionalities that we can imagine.

For example, the import and export of data, very necessary to analyze every detail of the business. On the other hand, WordPress + Woocommerce is ideal for a medium or small online store , since it is very fast and agile, in addition, if SEO is a priority it is also more appropriate. The WordPress philosophy leaves complexity aside and focuses on what is really basic and necessary for smaller stores with few products in their portfolio. It is also more useful for those who have been with the blog or store for a short time and are in the development phase. Finally, some aspects that must be taken into account and that these softwares, especially PrestaShop , comply with are the following. It must be taken into account that the software has friendly URLs , that is, that allow the optimization of the store in search engines to improve SEO positioning on the Internet.

Also that there is an integration with Google Analytics, to achieve conversions that are carried out on the web to be able to extrapolate them. It is advisable to measure all the actions and tasks that are carried out in order to determine the impact of the action and to make a comparison and analysis of the successes and errors. Another important aspect is Taiwan Database the inclusion of reports on the store, that is, that the systems used allow to obtain statistics of all the information related to the products in order to analyze it is essential. Having information is having power, and having the option of consulting it when necessary is a very useful tool to control all management. Who do you think has won the Woocommerce vs Prestashop battle ?

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