Remember that this also helps you to know what your audience prefers

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Remember that this also helps you to know what your audience prefers

So it is necessary to experiment to know it. Thanks to this, we will not only forge the profile of our buyer persona, knowing each time better what their interests are, but it will also help us to scale our objectives and increase conversion. These are some of the tools you can use to measure: 1. Google Analytics google analytics for growth hacking 2. Open Web Analytics open web analytics for growth hacking 3. Sistrix sistrix for growth hacking 4. Matomo matomo for growth hacking 5. Semrush semrush for growth hacking Time to get creative? We cannot forget the essence of Growth Hacking, which is to seek solutions with the least possible expense and effort. With this in mind, we can use non-traditional marketing techniques and strategies that guatemala phone number would take a lot of money. We will use other options such as: SEO positioning. Of course, we cannot ignore the great SEO that moves our website in an organic and natural way. Factors, techniques, concepts … Everything we know about SEO is good for our business and to strengthen our relationship with Google or with any search engine. Share. The option to share between users is essential and we have to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. We will not be the one to take away that opportunity. Blogging. Include valuable content on your page through a blog with which you can solve previous user needs and link to your services. Free and downloadable content. In addition to giving them something useful and gaining confidence, you can offer free content in exchange for leaving minimal information, such as their email.

Email marketing. By getting emails, either through a CTA or by carrying out the previous point, we can improve user retention by updating the news and sending new promotions, offers or information about our services or products. Urgent marketing. Do you know that urgency when there is a limited time to get a product? That is the idea of ​​rush marketing, creating the need to obtain a service or product through a limited time of availability. Exclusive benefits. If you already have an audience captured for free, we can also offer them a step further through an extra payment with which they will get other more exclusive services. Examples of Success in Growth Hacking These are just a few examples of companies that started out as nothing and that, today, it is almost impossible to imagine without them. Dropbox. One of the first cloud file hosting systems. In just two years it grew from 100,000 users to 4,000,000. It all started by offering more storage space to users who invited other users. Thanks to the diffusion, without any cost, they became more and more known. Booking. A great example of rush marketing.

Showing the rooms available, on offer and in a limited time, creates the sensation of deciding more quickly and wanting to take advantage of these opportunities, which you might not even consider if you did not consider them an “opportunity”. Uber. Without the need to invest in a traditional marketing campaign, they began by giving trips to customers who signed up for their services. In addition, they took advantage of the pull produced by the taxi driver demonstrations to give away free rides for a limited time, which refers to analyzing Taiwan Database the current market situation and strengthening your services based on it. Spotify. Spotify is a great example of what we wanted to say earlier about exclusive services. It is a platform that you can use for free and, if you make an extra payment, you will have benefits that you could not have otherwise. Once you are hooked on it, you start to consider paying for something else. To end… What do you think of Growth Hacking ? Did you know him? Have you learned something new? It may be what you were looking for if you are starting out or even want to try other techniques for your business.

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