Review the comments they make about your company (positive and negative), identify your weak points and your strengths as well.

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Review the comments they make about your company (positive and negative), identify your weak points and your strengths as well.

We even recommend checking the comments your competition receives; This way you will know their weak points to strengthen them in your company and also their strong points to help you improve. customer loyalty 2) Loyalty technique 02: Make use of Social Networks If you do not yet have accounts on Social Networks for your company, we can only ask you one thing: What are you waiting for? Your business should be where your audience is and potential customers are surely on social media. So our second tip is this: Social Networks are friends; Explore them and you will realize that they are the best tool within customer loyalty strategies . We belarus telephone understand that sometimes it seems that they will eat you alive, but if you are sure of the value of what you offer, we recommend you take the risk and give them a chance, you will surely realize the benefits! Open a business account and run tests to find out what works; Talk to your customers and find a way to connect with them, this will make a difference.

3) Loyalty Technique 03: Involve Customers If you want to connect with your customers, generate conversation, communicate with your users; appreciate positive comments, respond to criticism (calmly and taking it as an opportunity for improvement), ask for their opinion about your product or service, take surveys, communicate the results, etc. This will increase your brand’s interactions in digital media, which will improve your positioning; It will also make your customers feel that they are important to your company (and yes they are). That they keep you informed and ask for your opinion makes you fall in love so Attack! customer loyalty Connecting with your customers is a process that takes time and we understand that time and resources are limited. However, you don’t have to become a blogger. It is true that the more time you spend, the faster you will see results; But just by constantly posting a few posts a week, you will also have great achievements.

Some tools that can help you with these tasks are: Buffer: which helps you schedule posts on different Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest accounts. Canva: It will help you edit your photos and create images easily and quickly and with the necessary dimensions for publication on each social network. Bitly: It helps to make the links shorter so that your posts look more pleasant and do not exceed the characters. Finally we want to tell you to do tests, and it is okay if some do not work or if you do not find the point from the beginning. It is a matter Taiwan Database of trial and error but we guarantee that the results of these 3 micro customer loyalty strategies will be satisfactory. Remember this Be patient Believe in your product / service Optimizes With this you will get the most out of each of your strategies at all times.

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