Run away from whoever sells you to do inbound marketing for your brand

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Run away from whoever sells you to do inbound marketing for your brand

Without first making a strategy because, if they ask you like this, ask yourself: what is he going to write about? And in what media? And for what type of clients? Because it is impossible that if you do not know your brand, do not do a detailed study and do not design a strategy, you know all this data so that later you can write words and lines that are useful from the first moment and in the long run, it will cost you much more money and time employee. A good Strategy usually ranges from € 1,500 to € 4,000 (always depending on your brand, the volume it has, its action ratio, the individual buyers to be extracted, the channels, etc.). Here you must let the professional indian phone number example work for a reasonable amount of time (a strategy takes at least a month to first extract data, analyze, propose, draw conclusions, propose actions and review everything once more). Subsequently, you must implement the actions that the Strategy proposes. In the monthly execution they will charge you per fee according to what is included and you contract, which can and should reach: Content creation for your blog: and here, if you really want to get somewhere and have reach, forget to pay € 10 for an 800-word post because that is not worth it.

Because a post is not just about writing but, with the topic already given from the strategy and the content plan, you have to inquire about the topic, make a structure, devise the flow of the writing, the titles, where and how to include Seo keywords, give it rhythm, meaning … So it is better to bet on good content that you can later harvest. Creation of content for other channels and supports: social networks, mailings … Loyalty actions. Sales actions. Creation of funnels for capture processes. Daily management. Troubleshooting. Cost of this fee? Well, it depends on the quantity and of course the quality of these contents. Who are you hiring from, experience, training (because someone who has taken a 2-week online course is not worth the same as a professional who has been in this for a long time, who has training and above all, experience, who can write, know SEO, social networks, have the capacity for reaction and creativity).

But if you want to put a minimum and opt for a good Inbound Marketing action, you can already dedicate at least € 1,000 per month. From there upwards and as you design together the steps to follow. Should you do Inbound Marketing? YES, YES and a thousand times YES. It is one of the actions that will report the most to you and from which you Taiwan Database can get the most juice. Hence, the rest, because what is the use of sending a mailing if it is not well written, for the right person, with the right tone. Of what and why to post on networks if it will not capture the attention of anyone, and of course, stop spending time on your blog if it is not to publish something of quality.

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