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We all know what a sale is, but we are going to define it technically to make it clearer. As you may have already seen, sales are crucial for companies, since they are what sustain expenses and allow them to generate profits. “Without sales, companies cannot exist . ” What are sales? A sale is a negotiation process in which the seller tries to make a transaction with the buyer in exchange for a product or service . The term sale is very broad and is segmented into several different actions in which the seller tries to attract and convince the buyer. The key in sales The  Croatia Phone Number List  only way to optimize your sales and be as effective and profitable as possible is: KNOW YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER . If you know the person you should sell to, all their efforts are more effective and you can increase your sales in a sustainable way. But how can you meet your ideal client or buyer persona ? Very simple, study it thoroughly and detect what its real problems are and how you are going to solve them . We want to help you do this and we have created this guide so you can start developing your ideal customer. The sales process Many times we talk about the buying process and we forget the importance that the sales process also has in Inbound Marketing strategies.

Through the sales process and its phases, companies can structure their commercial strategies to optimize their sales and grow their business. Keep reading if you want to know what the sales process consists of, what its phases are and how it can help you increase the sales of your online business. Sales process is understood to be the set of phases that a company has to go through until a sale is achieved. That is, from the moment a company draws the attention of a potential customer to one of its products or services until it makes the sale of that product or service to the customer effective. It is, therefore, a sequence of steps that a company must follow to achieve its business objective. The sales process is also known as the sales cycle. When the sales cycle is represented graphically, it is in the form of a sales funnel. To complete the sales process it is necessary for the customer to go through a series of steps within the funnel, going from being a potential customer to a real buyer. Phases of the sales process The sale process is divided into phases that the company must complete in an orderly and progressive manner in order to carry out the transaction. Although there are different schemes that explain the phases of the sales cycle, the best known theory is the Elias St. Elmo Lewis. Known as AIDA, the Elias St. Elmo Lewis model dates back to 1898 and divides the buying process into four phases: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

1.- Attention The first phase of the sales process is the attention phase. In this first phase, the company implements a series of actions and techniques to try to capture the attention of potential customers and direct it to any of its products or services. There are a multitude of different strategies, many of them proven to be effective, in order to attract potential customers’ attention and move them through the buying cycle. In addition, ingenuity and creativity can play a fundamental role in this first phase since thanks to them it will be much easier to connect with these potential clients. 2.- Interest The second phase of the sales process is the interest phase. When the company has managed to draw the attention of the potential customer to a Taiwan Database  product or service, it should try to arouse their interest in it. Having managed to capture the attention of the potential customer, the company has to get the customer interested in that product or service. One of the strategies that work best to attract interest in the potential customer is to show them the product or service as the ideal solution to their specific problem. It is important that in this phase the company provides clear and precise information about the product or service that is being offered, as well as highlighting all its advantages.

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