Sampling: when the product is the ad The sampling is precisely

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Sampling: when the product is the ad The sampling is precisely

The anglicized marketing directly responds to the following approach. We all know that there are some products, as good or different, whose best publicity is to allow you to try them. We intend to explain what it consists of, when to use it and how to take advantage of it to get new customers . Free tastings, an interesting direct marketing action It consists of distributing product samples, free of charge , to potential customers of a product. The aim is to make it possible to test said article and bring its benefits closer to the people who can finally buy it. Our purpose in doing so is clear: to allow the quality or differentiation of that product to speak, and persuade, for itself. In other words, to make this approach profitable, it is essential that the samples distributed are attractive and satisfactory. With the sampling strategy, we prioritize the freedom of choice of each person. In fact, we give you one or more user experiences with the confidence that you will Croatia Phone Number List be finally attracted to its later acquisition. It is something very common, for example, in perfumeries. There are always exposure bottles with which each potential user can assess how that fragrance fits on their skin. We also see it very often in the annual sticker collections, especially those of La Liga footballers. Why are free albums and envelopes usually handed out on the doors of schools and sports arenas? It is an obvious example of this approach, which often results in a large number of kids hooked on these new collections. Sampling: main advantages and applications When done with a suggestive product, this technique usually offers great results . This is because of a series of positive aspects that characterize it: – We bring the article closer to the potential consumer, eliminating some initial barriers.

The use of the sample as a hook, free of charge, arouses interest, creates links with the recipient and minimizes the possible initial opposition to its consumption. – We allow you to test the product in first person. It is that mythical phrase of “search, compare and if you find something better, buy it. With the difference that we give you the search already done: you just have to compare and decide if it is better, or not, than what you currently use. – We create bonds and sympathy. We all like to receive gifts. In addition, in this way we initiate a relationship between the recipient and our brand, which is always positive … if the experience given is also positive. – We pique interest. If they like our sample enough, we can then offer them commercial options with great chances of success. Loyalty, therefore, is simplified. – We reduce investment and increase return. As our own products are the advertising elements, the cost of the communication action is reduced. Due to its great efficiency, it usually generates brilliant economic returns, as long as we have done the initial accounts well. How to include samples in our market strategy Be that as it may, the distribution of samples should not be an isolated action in an empty ocean of communication. We must integrate it into a well-defined , consistent and sustained marketing plan over time. Only in this way will we be able to project a consistent, effective and appropriate brand image for the target audience we are targeting. The communication goals set will determine the tone, timing, mode and focus of this type of action. Normally, they acquire an additional ground when they are supported by professionals specialized in direct marketing or business communication.

Some winning sample samples There are many brands that over time have and continue to bet on offering their public samples of their products. We are going to present some of them, certainly winners. We have already talked about the East League stickers , marketed by Panini, and about the perfume samples available in almost all stores of this type. But there is more. Here are some of the equally striking and effective options from brands that have used sampling: – Amazon . This distribution giant provides a selection of its customers with samples of articles, so that they can try them and feel connected to them. – DAZN . This streaming service dedicated to sports broadcasts allows anyone to register for a certain period of time, free of charge, in the service. After that period, users can subscribe or not to the audiovisual platform. Netflix offers Taiwan Database a very similar option, for a month, to its users. – Redbull . Drinks and meals are also very common in this type of commercial action. This energy drink brand distributes its items for free in many cities. In addition, tastings of new products are often offered in supermarkets and grocery stores. Even the butcher in our neighborhood applies this technique when he cuts pieces of ham or cheese and offers them to those present to savor. The sampling is a communication action very attractive, profitable and effective if properly conceived and work. As long as, of course, the samples distributed are attractive and satisfactory to their recipients.

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