SEM Campaign – How do you boost your business?

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SEM Campaign – How do you boost your business?

SEM campaigns have become a very powerful and widely used strategy in recent years. The SEM campaign has become one of the most used and powerful strategies for a website to become known today . It can be developed in different search engines, such as Google or Bing, for example. The word SEM , is an acronym, and these respond to ‘ Search Engine Marketing’. The importance of SEM within the world of digital marketing has been growing in relevance over the years. It is normal that in the times we are living in, we all have questions to constantly ask the different search engines. And it is that, one could go so far as to say that everything that does not active cell phone number list appear on the internet, is because it does not exist. And it is not only that, but if you have a website, and you are not positioned among the first options reflected, there is not much chance that people think you exist either. This is the reason that makes search engine optimization such an important and highly relevant topic. You have to compete to always be among the top positions of the search engine and thus have more visibility and traffic. What is an SEM campaign ? A SEM campaign , in short, is defined as an advertising strategy that consists of the development of search engine ads (such as Google) in order to position itself among the first positions of results. All this through user search. In Spain, it is very well known that the most used search engine is Google, which is why in this article we are going to focus on talking more about it.

So, if we must carry out a payment strategy in order to position ourselves, we would have to develop an SEM Campaign within this engine and its favorite tool for this work: Google Ads . There are different main concepts referred to a SEM campaign in Google Ads ; let’s talk briefly about each of them. Keyword : The operation of SEM campaigns is based on the use of keywords; When a user performs a search on Google, the ads that contain those keywords will be activatedif they match the user’s search. Clicks: Clicks are the redirects that have occurred from the ad created to our landing page . This refers to the number of people who have seen the ad and clicked on it. CPC or Cost per Click: This refers to the value that we mark ourselves in Google Ads to define how much we are going to pay for each click made. PPC or Pay Per Click: We decide ourselves what we want to pay for each click made . This expense will only be incurred when a user clicks on our link . Impressions : The impressions refers to the time that the ad was displayed. The number of times my ad has been related to a search. This data Google Ads is responsible for giving it to us directly. Relevance: Basically this refers to the fact that our website has to be relevant for Google to help us have more traffic. This search engine always has users in mind, so the content we offer must be tailored to what they need .

CTR or Click Through Rate: This is the percentage of people who have seen our ad and clicked on it ; in short, the people who have interacted with the ad. Quality Score: This refers to the score that Google gives us (from 1 to 10) to determine if we are good advertisers or not. In other words, it works based on the relevance we give to users. SEM campaign types Within the Google platform we can find different types of SEM campaigns , giving the advertiser the possibility to choose the most appropriate one to impact the public they want and thus achieve their objectives. Next, we will talk about the main types of SEM campaigns that we can create through Google Ads. Search network campaign : This is the most widely used and known type of SEM campaign Taiwan Database by advertisers. With the application of this campaign, the ads appear above or below the search results that Google returns when a user makes a search that contains a Keyword included in the campaign. Ads include the title, viewable url, and description of the page content . The advertiser, in this case, pays for each click made on the ad, regardless of the number of impressions . Search campaign with display selection : This type of campaign is managed in the same way as that intended only for the search network, and helps a greater number of users, through the aforementioned search network or also display .

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