SEO and web design What is the relationship between SEO and web design?

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SEO and web design What is the relationship between SEO and web design?

Hiring a good SEO specialist to make your website reach better positions on the first page of Google results is very important. But, did you know that the web design of your page is also capable of affecting SEO and the level of positioning that your site will have? That’s right, well-positioned web pages not only have an incredible SEO work, but they are also well configured according to Google’s recommendations, which makes this search engine and others offer brazil phone number them a better place in their results. In other words, SEO and web design are related , do you want to know how much affect each other? Well, stay with us and find out. What is SEO? The meaning of ” SEO ” in English is “Search engine optimization”, which translated into Spanish would mean “search engine optimization”. As its name suggests, the purpose of SEO is to be able to decide which websites or posts will be in one or another position in the search results. That is, SEO is used to facilitate indexing in Google, as well as in other search engines. Therefore, SEO is a very important element for any company that wants to digitize, get a good number of visits online, and later, attract many more customers. That is why, at this time, many SEO agencies, SEO writers and others are proliferating, since it is necessary to get a better position in Google, and therefore, obtain better results.

What is web design? Web design consists of the development of digital interfaces whereby individuals or companies can interact with a specific group of people, whether they are users or clients, in order to transmit a message, information or sell a product. For this, web designers are responsible for creating web sites or pages using markup languages ​​such as HTML or XML. This development work is done in order to create websites that are liked by the target audience of said company or individual who hired the designers. In addition to the fact that the interface must also be easy to use, intuitive and functional in order to offer users who enter it a pleasant experience when visiting the site. What is the difference between them? At first glance, these two concepts seem to have nothing to do with each other, since web design takes care of the visual part of the site, the distribution of elements, colors, graphic content and others on the web. In addition, it also seeks to make navigation easier for the user, visitor or client within the very web page. On the other hand, with SEO what you want is to obtain a better positioning for a specific website in search engines, through the application of different techniques and strategies to be able to fulfill that objective.

In other words, the web design of the page is like the business card of your business, and SEO is the Google indicator to know what kind of people you want to pass through. So web design and SEO positioning are only related to make it easier for your site to climb positions in search engines . Elements that influence SEO and web design Now, as for the most important elements that play a crucial role in web design and SEO , they are the following that you will see below. Most important elements of SEO In the case of SEO these are the most important factors: Keywords It is important to make sure that you choose very well the main and secondary keywords that are going to be used and incorporated into the content of your website or blog. Because, it is not possible to achieve an excellent positioning on any subject and you have to be as specific as possible Taiwan Database so that Google gives us a good position in the search results related to the subject that is being worked on on your website. SEO and web design Contents Have you ever heard the expression “content is king”? Well, in a way it’s true, because if you offer quality content that really serves your visitors, they will most likely return to consume more of your content and, later, become customers. Without taking into account that, you will also get a better SEO positioning than those other websites that do not have quality content or thin content .

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