SEO – Everything you need to know SEO was born from the need for websites

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SEO – Everything you need to know SEO was born from the need for websites

To position themselves among the first results in the different search engines. Before talking about SEO, we must talk a little history. In case you did not know, the first search engines were created from web directories (for example, Yahoo!), until Google arrived in 1996. From there, the boom of the web arose; Many people realized that money could be made through the internet. Thanks to this and to achieve its end, it was concluded that it was necessary to attract online user traffic . Hence, the knowledge that search engines were the best method to attract ideal traffic was drawn. From that moment on, the owners and creators of the websites began to think about how they could reach the top positions in the positioning. This gave rise to the rise of SEO. What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization? SEO is the acronym for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ which translated into Spanish means ‘search engine optimization’. Basically, SEO is all the techniques chinese mobile number or actions that are intended to improve and increase the traffic of a website , managing to improve the positioning in the different search engines. Although the term SEO is the most popular, there are other ways of calling it: web positioning, Google positioning, search engine positioning or organic or natural positioning . There are hundreds of factors that a search engine relies on when deciding to rank a page.

It could be said that there are two main factors; the authority and relevance. Authority: It is basically the fame of a website, the more popular it is, the more valuable the information it contains. This factor is one of those that the search engine takes into account more, since it is based on the user’s own experience. A high share of content on a website indicates that the content is useful to many users. Relevance: This is the relationship that a page manages to have in front of a certain search . This does not mean that the page has hundreds of times the search term (as it did years ago), a search engine relies on many OnSite factors to determine this. Two groups of SEO You could say that SEO is divided into two large groups: OnPage: The SEO OnSite worries of relevance. It is ensured at all times that the website is optimized so that the search engine can understand its content . The optimization of keywords we could include it within the SEO, as well as the correct performance and optimization of the web page. OffPage: The part of the SEO work that focuses on factors external to the web page in which it is being worked, we could define it as SEO OffSite. In OffSite SEO there are very important factors such as the number and quality of links, presence in social networks, brand authority, mentions in local media and performance in the SERPs .

This is known as the CTR that the results of a website have in search engines. Advantages and Benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) The time has come to talk about a topic that interests many. You are looking to create and optimize your own website or you want to know the benefits that the use of SEO techniques can bring . The investment is fixed: In the field of SEO , the agencies that employ it work with a monthly budget, charging for performing the service and meeting the established objectives. On the other hand, if you decide to invest in Taiwan Database advertising in Google Ads, known as SEM positioning and which we talk about in What is Search Engine Marketing? , the investment will always depend on the campaign to be carried out, the objectives, the criteria, competition, and so on. Investing in SEO you know what you pay each month and the purpose of that payment. Performing SEO is very profitable: This means that, apart from recovering the investment made at the beginning, great benefits are achieved. Performing SEO positioning, new customers are attracted , this being a fairly inexpensive channel compared to other more conventional channels. Attraction of qualified traffic to a website: In short, potential customers. A good and well-executed SEO positioning strategy, in the medium term, multiplies the number of clients.

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