SEO On Page, what it is and how to apply it correctly

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SEO On Page, what it is and how to apply it correctly

When we start creating a website, one of the main objectives is to achieve visibility and that people can know what our work is to try to get potential clients. But, it is important to know that to get that user traffic we will have to work with certain On page SEO techniques . Nowadays, search engines have made our work much easier when it comes to finding any type of information and in a few seconds they show us a large number of results. But if we talk about web pages, it is necessary to apply certain marketing strategies, such as SEO positioning , so that said website   Benin Phone Number List  appears in the top positions and in that way to be more visible. What is SEO on Page SEO on Page means Search Engine Optimization, that is, search engine optimization on a certain page (On page) to improve its organic positioning with respect to other pages. These techniques depend on us and are applied to improve the visibility of the page in the organic results , which are the ones that are not paid. If we talk about optimization actions on page we are referring to changes that directly affect the page and that we must be the ones to do them. For example, these changes are those that affect titles, keywords, attributes in images, goals, words in bold and url among many others. What is this SEO technique for? We can say that one of the main objectives of SEO OnPage is to facilitate Google’s organic search of our page by indexing more quickly and classifying the pages according to interest.

That is, if we want to gain positions in Google and get as many visits as possible, we must make the task easy for Google by helping it to index our content in the simplest way. How SEO On Page differs from SEO Off Page Broadly speaking, we can affirm that the main difference between SEO On Page and SEO Off Page is that the latter is based on strategies that are made outside our website such as links or link building . The links linkbuilding are a very important strategy in the SEO. And it is that they are based on the construction of links (hence its name in English) that we will use to improve the positioning of a website in search engines. If you carry out a good link building strategy you will be able to increase the notoriety of your page considerably. However, although there are differences between both types of SEO, it does not mean that they are opposite strategies, far from it. The ideal would be to understand both as complementary strategies and work with both in the best possible way so that our page reaches the first results of Google searches. SEO On Page aspects to consider Next we are going to list some of the most important aspects of SEO On Site when applying to your page. Title and description It is one of the most important content and it is recommended that it be short but concise, that is, that in a few words we express as much as possible. It must have a complete sense avoiding ambiguities and it will also have to include the relevant keywords for the search of the page. Try that what you offer in the title is the same as what you talk about. That is why it is very important to think for a few seconds what we want to transmit and in what way, in order to reach the largest number of users. Choose a title that summarizes the content of the page. If we talk about the description, it should be a small summary of what we talk about in the text in whic

h the keyword is also included. The content The content has to be rich in keywords and that between all of them there is a real connection to avoid making texts that are incomprehensible or difficult to read. Google likes that the content of the pages is unique and original , without copies. To do this, even if you collect ideas from other blogs, when it comes to translating it, you must do so in your own words and with the expressions of the audience you are addressing. However, try to keep the content unique and written entirely by you. Regarding the length of the content, posts that are between 500 and 700 words are very good. Keywords At the time of writing, it is very important that you repeat the keyword around 2 and 3 percent of the total content of the page that we want to position. Before this you will have had to study the keywords that are of interest to your visitors. These words can be used both in the content and in the titles and metatitles. Choosing the keyword well is essential , since it will be in charge of attracting traffic to our website. Spend a few minutes thinking and assessing what it is that you want to offer and position and from there write a coherent text in which it can be included. You can use tools that help you choose like the Google Keyword Planner . The  Taiwan Database  Just as the title, description and keyword are very important elements when it comes to improving the positioning of our website, the URL also plays a prominent role. And is that the URL will also appear in search engines as does the title and description. Therefore, we must avoid symbols and numbers and leave only the most identifying text or even just the keyword. Images A text without images does not attract so much attention. The power of the image is very important and on the page you want to position it is very important that you include an image that, in a way, summarizes your message and what you want to convey at a glance. Remember that if you want to include images it is not enough just to upload them but you must also be optimized and include a title and description. This will help us not only to position the text but also if a user searches for images, you can appear in the search engine. Links . Finally, do not forget to include links both to content on your own page and to other external websites , to promote naturalness and be self-centered and that everything remains on our page. As you can see, certain aspects must be taken into account when trying to position our page correctly. And it is that not only do we have to have good designs but if we want to appear at the top of the search engines, we will have to pay attention to SEO and its optimization.

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