SEO on YouTube: 3 tricks to position videos effectively

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SEO on YouTube: 3 tricks to position videos effectively

When we talk about SEO we almost always refer to Google and the importance of organic content and web positioning . But what about the video? Can you do SEO on Youtube? Yes of course. In fact, if you want your videos to have more views and impact, it is highly recommended to do SEO on YouTube . Why do SEO on YouTube Talking about videos on the Internet is talking about YouTube, a platform with more than 10 years of life that has grown to become one of the Internet giants. Every day, YouTube is visited by more than 30 million users and it is already the third most visited website, only behind Google and Facebook. The importance of SEO to position web pages and online stores is beyond doubt. However, you can also take advantage of the advantages of SEO to position videos . That is, do SEO on YouTube. Video has been gaining importance in recent years in digital marketing strategies. Video has become one of the most powerful tools in online marketing because it has a series of advantages that other types of content cannot compete with. Why do SEO on YouTube? We users love to consume videos and we do it through different devices, especially   Philippines Phone Number List . Video is entertaining and is very easy both to consume and to share through social networks. In addition, videos increase the conversion rate and promote engagement. Do you want to learn how to do SEO on YouTube? Do not miss these 3 tricks to position videos on YouTube: When working on SEO for YouTube, you have to take into account a series of factors that will improve the positioning of your videos. Executing a good positioning strategy on YouTube will help you enhance the impact of the videos on your channel. Tricks to position videos on YouTube Take advantage of the cover of your channel Your YouTube channel becomes your cover letter on this platform. It is important that you take care of the image of your YouTube channel because, after all, it is your brand image. Take advantage of all the options you have available and bet on a careful aesthetic. Headboard Use an attractive header image and include your name or your brand name in it. Opt for a striking image, which captures the attention of users. A good idea is to bet on a phrase or slogan in the header. Channel trailer Create an introductory video in which you explain the type of content that people who visit your channel will find. This channel trailer will automatically play when a user accesses your channel. Being a channel trailer, this video will be generic and will allow you to include the main keywords for your channel.

Playlists : Take advantage of playlists to have your videos arranged by topic. The playlists will be like the categories of your blog or website. Take advantage of the description of your playlists to say what the videos included in them are about and play the keywords that you are interested in positioning. Featured Videos : YouTube allows you to pin featured videos on your channel. Featured videos will have greater visibility on your channel. Determine which videos you want to highlight and use the keywords in them strategically. Links : Add links to both your website and the rest of your social networks on the cover of your channel. If your subscribers like your content on YouTube, they will surely also be interested in following you on other social networks or even visiting your blog or website. SEO on YouTube: 3 tricks to position videosHow to do SEO within YouTube We have already talked to you on other occasions about SEO On Page and how to write for Google , but did you know that you can also improve your positioning on YouTube ? That’s right, just like on your website or blog you optimize titles, URLs and descriptions; You can also do it with your videos on YouTube. Keyword research for YouTube The same importance that keyword research has for search engine SEO is for YouTube. However, as users we do not search in the same way on YouTube as on Google. It is important that you identify which keywords in your sector are looking for users and how they search for them. Consider adding keywords that include the terms “learn” or “how to” because these types of searches are very common on YouTube. You can use tools like Google Trends or Google Keyword Planner to find YouTube keywords . How to write the video title Use eye-catching titles because, after all, an attractive title can make a user choose to watch your video. Be honest with your titles and have them define in detail what the user will see when they play the video. Play with the main keywords in the video titles. How to write the video description The description of the video is used to explain to the user what he is going to see , is seeing or has seen when playing the video. Do not skimp when writing the video description, worry that it has at least 400 words . Take the opportunity to link both to the cover and to other videos on your channel that may be related. Also, don’t forget to add links to your website or blog . It is important that the content of the video description is unique and original. Do not forget to use the keywords in the description of the video, although pay attention to their density. Overdoing the repetition of keywords is detrimental.

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Video content transcription Include a transcript of the content of your videos in the descriptions to help YouTube classify its subject matter. By adding a transcription of the video content it will be easier for it to appear in the suggested videos section, favoring its visibility and, therefore, reproductions. Add captions and annotations Take advantage of the subtitles and annotations options to make your video more accessible to other people. Subtitles and annotations can be in your own language as well as in other languages, if you are interested in having people from other places see your videos. Video Tags Choose the video tags that best suit both your content and the keywords you want to rank for. Video tags allow YouTube to link videos and determine their themes . Don’t go overboard with the number of SEO tags on YouTube, use only those that are necessary and don’t forget to put one with your main keyword. Video Category Selecting the appropriate video category is essential for its good positioning . If you are a bit lost and do not know which category to choose, you can take a look at the first videos ranked with your keyword and see how they are categorized. Thumbnail or custom thumbnail The thumbnail of the video is the image that is set as the cover of the video . The thumbnail plays a key role in the CTR .

Bet on personalized thumbnails that are impressive and eye-catching to encourage video playback. How to do SEO outside of YouTube In addition to optimizing the content directly related to the video such as the title or description, you can carry out other types of actions to improve its positioning and that are included in the YouTube SEO Off Page. Comment on related channels A good way to publicize your content is by adding comments on the videos of channels related to your topic . Locate the most cutting-edge channels in your sector and take advantage of the comments to make yourself known. Contribute your point of view and dispute opinions with which you disagree. always taking care of the forms and from the respect. Thus, other users will Taiwan Database be able to see that you have knowledge in the sector and may find it interesting to visit your channel. Share your videos on other platforms Share your videos through your social networks to reach more people. In this way, you will be able to show your followers on social networks that you have a YouTube channel and they may subscribe to it if they find it interesting. In addition, videos are very given to sharing and move a lot on social networks. Embed your videos on your website or blog By embedding your videos in your blog or website you will increase their reproductions and contribute to the enrichment of your content . Another technique for sharing YouTube videos is through news aggregators . Take advantage of news aggregators by including your videos in them. An example is Menéame, which allows you to indicate that your content is a video. I hope these tips for doing SEO on YouTube are useful for you to improve the positioning of your videos. Do you know other techniques to do SEO on YouTube? If so, do not hesitate to share them with us through the comments.

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