SEO trends: discover the keys that will mark 2020

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SEO trends: discover the keys that will mark 2020

The SEO landscape is very dynamic. This is due to the constant change of algorithms in search engines. Google is the search engine that has changed everything. Not only has it had an extraordinary evolution in recent years, it has changed the day-to-day of marketing professionals, specifically those who are dedicated to the positioning of brands in the online environment. The updates and improvements in the search results, within this platform, have grown in a argentina mobile number whatsapp dizzying way, which has caused rises and falls in the positioning of the brands throughout the SERPs. seo trends This continuous change defines the top SEO trends for 2020 , as we now need to find the best ways to stay effective within the framework created by Google. Do you want to know the SEO trends that will mark 2020? From your digital marketing agency in Valencia we tell you some of the most relevant keys.

Appear in the zero position in Google But… what is Google’s zero position? This term is used to talk about the featured snippet that appears at the top of search results . This tries to respond to the specific searches of the users in the form of summaries, or extracts, with the answers extracted from the web and includes, the link to the page of the site and, from time to time, a photograph. With the trend, increasingly on the rise, of voice searches it is important to appear in this position of Google, why? Because this way you will become the first result for voice searches of the queries made to smart speakers such as: Alexa, Google Home or Amazon Echo Dot. In addition to the importance of appearing in voice search results, this position is also very important because most users tend to settle for this option and do not search any more.

What must you do to get it? • Create quality content • Use words that are understood, whole phrases and without abbreviations • Make use of keywords and related words • Use keywords in the H2 that answer long-tail searches or a key question from the user seo trends Increased voice search will transform local SEO Local SEO is a branch of positioning that focuses on optimizing a website so that it appears in searches carried out within a certain geographical space . Most of the daily local SEO queries are voice searches, such as “What is the best bakery Taiwan Database in Valencia?” To this question, Google will respond by showing the business that is ranked higher. To appear in the first results, or in the zero position of this type of queries, you must: • Include your name, address and telephone number on each page of your website • Use the name of the city and / or province in the title, description and content tags • Use the local markup scheme to help locate your site in the search results • Work your content marketing very well through keywords • Obtain quality links on relevant websites •

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