SMO, what is it and how to use it

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SMO, what is it and how to use it

The SMO ( Social Media Optimization ) is one of those terms in the digital marketing vocabulary that has lagged somewhat further, overshadowed by others such as SEO or SEM . The truth is that these three do not have so many differences, and what characterizes the first of them is that the means used to achieve a better position in search engines is the use of social networks . Its relationship with positioning Here we could talk about up to two points or objectives that can be reached with this technique. On the one hand, it is easier to attract traffic to a web page , this means that that web will be positioned better in search engines, since it will have many more visits. On the other hand, the very networks or spaces from which the content is launched and begins german mobile company list to be reproduced, will also suffer an improvement, since there will be more followers, feedback and content that is being shared and commented on. Mainly, it is a way to generate traffic in those networks or spaces associated with a brand that tries to carry out a digital marketing strategy . That is to say, in the SMO a clear objective of what you want to achieve is necessary and above all it must be directed to a point. How to gain visibility on social media with SMO What are the keys to creating this movement in social networks ? They attend to some principles.

To begin with, it is necessary to facilitate its sharing, the next thing is to distribute it through several sites, not just a network, then it will be necessary to reward those who are disseminating it, adapt the content to different formats and, finally, encourage people to participate or remodel the content . With these guidelines, you get a lot of traffic in a short time, a comparative advantage over SEO- type strategies . Now, constant work is necessary, as data can deflate just as quickly . However, these are the guidelines. So far we have understood the importance of using this strategy , when it can be used and the objectives to be pursued. But what mechanisms or tools are necessary to carry out this plan? Well, here are some more practical tips. The first thing is to choose well the social networks in which you can work properly. Do not limit yourself to the classics, also blogs, forums, or even emails are good spaces. The content will have to be adapted somewhat for all of them, but the more people are affected by this, the better. The contests or prize dynamics are essential in getting feedback from the public .

A sweepstakes, an interaction or any gesture in which the communication is two-way, not exclusively one-way. The community manager is usually in charge of carrying out these tasks. For this it is essential that you have creativity and imagination. Create formats or keywords that users can also use to create a global message in which more people join. It should not be forgotten that entertainment or disinterested information are the key elements of this strategy, in which in the end it is the user who is encouraged to participate and interact with the web. Finally, a close and warm communication tone, and if the brand allows it, even humorous . In conclusion, SMO is an interesting strategy that can be integrated together with SEO and SEM to achieve better positioning Taiwan Database on the website. It is a task designed to attract as much traffic as possible on social networks .

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