Snippet optimization. How to do it?

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Snippet optimization. How to do it?

In this article, we will focus on the Snippet , its definition, its importance, and most importantly, Snippet Optimization . In this article, we explain what a Snippet is , why it is so important in SEO and Snippet optimization . What is a Snippet ? In SEO, the Snippet is the small blue text that a search engine like Google shows in its results ( SERP ) as a summary , when a user does any search. That is, when you search for anything in Google, on that page of results that appears, the Snippets are those small titles and descriptions of each of the results shown. To break it down a bit so that you can understand more about what we are referring to, we will break down the Snippet a bit : The page title: This is the main and largest text in the search result. It acts as the holder; It is the one that stands out the most and of course, the link that leads to the website in question. It should buy chinese mobile be noted that the URL that appears in a smaller body is not linkable, that is, it cannot be clicked to lead to the specified address. The Meta description: It is the text that is located at the bottom of the Snippet and that describes the content of the page. Sometimes, the Snippet may include an image (for example, when it refers to videos) or user reviews (when the article contains them). In this case, we are talking about Rich Snippet , which are one of the first applications of the so-called ‘semantic web’ (in other words, they are the tip of the iceberg). The title of a page is clearly relevant and luckily it is also very easy to optimize at the implementation level.

In most cases, the aim is to provide search engines with a headline that fulfills a double function: Give search engines an introduction of the information in the content of a website. And on the other hand, it will function as a striking title for the user who is trying to choose between different search results. Why is Snippet Optimization recommended ? At this point you have to try to be realistic; The vast majority of users who are interested in a product that you may be offering on your website, will find you through Google. Thus, you should always try to convince them with a good title and a description that is worth reading and that encourages them to click . Of course, after this will come the challenge of catching them on your landing page , but before that, they must enter it. So important is the optimization of the Snippet , which is one of the elements that are studied when doing a web page audit. The point is that you have very little material in your possession to be able to work: only a title and its description. Could there be something else? It is clear that, with a title that will grain and a description hitching, can increase the flow of visitors to your domain , but the Snippet high quality have more fabric to cut . Today, the attention devoted to Snippets has led Marketers to optimize these snippets of information to their highest level. For this reason, we previously talked about the term called ‘ Rich Snippet ‘, a supervitamin version of the Snippet of all life. But before entering the field of Google SERPs , you must learn to optimize the most basic elements: URL , title and description. It is always recommended to always think about the comfort of the target audience: users full or saturated with information. The last thing they want is for a sentence to be long and confusing, so you must offer a direct, simple title and, most importantly, that it contains the keyword that users have used in the search.

At first glance, the topic of the Snippet usually seems easy, but once we get into it, we realize that it may be a bit more complicated. And it is that, to elaborate a short, aesthetic, grammatically coherent title and that contains the necessary keywords, is very difficult, all a matter of technique. The same can be said for the URL , which is recommended not to exceed 70 characters and to be intentionally user friendly. Snippet optimization The important thing about the Snippet is that we can control it in its entirety. And this is good news, since, if it is possible to edit in a good way, the content of said Snippet can achieve great advantages for SEO . It would be possible to have an increase in the number of clicks, which is summarized to more visits on the web or blog. In this sense, it is very important to develop the content well in order to make it more attractive Taiwan Database to users and attract their attention. We already explained this part in our article on how I can position our website in the first places of Google . In conclusion , Snippet Optimization directly improves SEO strategy . Currently, there are some content managers that do practically all Optimization work for SEO OnPage and also manage the appearance and optimization of the Snippet . One of the most famous and secure WordPress SEO plugins is YoastSEO , which is the most widely used content manager worldwide. How to do the Snippet Optimization .

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