Social Media Manager or Community Manager?

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Social Media Manager or Community Manager?

Social networks have become our day to day. Free time we have, we take a look at Facebook , Instagram or Twitter , among others. And that’s where our business or our company has to be. If they don’t see us, we don’t exist (digitally speaking). The Internet has become a great showcase where to expose our products or services. A large window where our potential clients can look out , and if they like what we offer, knock on the door to enter. Some interesting facts To begin, it would be interesting to show some statistical data on the importance that social networks have today in the world of commerce and business. 85% of internet users access social networks indian celebrity phone numbers . 73% of social media users trust them when making the decision to purchase a product or service. 65% of companies use social networks to investigate their competition . 52% of companies that use social networks admit that, thanks to them, their sales have risen . 50% of companies say that social media has helped them attract new customers . With these numbers on the table, we realize that it is really important to have an internet presence. If we want our business to grow, we must make it visible, that we are heard, that it draws the attention of the public. Social media can be a powerful communication tool. There are times, when we are so involved in our work, that we do not have time to spend hours in front of the computer to publish photos, write posts, answer questions or generate content for our business profiles.

For this, there are people specialized in carrying out this work. Social Media Manager vs. Community Manager And at this point, who should we look for to bring my social networks? A Community Manager or a Social Media Manager ? What are the differences between them? Actually, they are different things, they work very differently. A Community Manager (CM) is the heart of the brand and your face on social media . It makes your brand accessible and human, builds customer relationships, is a gatekeeper for conversations and community. That is, you must know how to move around the internet, upload content almost daily, get followers and maintain interaction with them. The Social Media Manager (SMM) is more than everything previously exposed. He is a strategist and team leader , he has goals regarding the brand, creates a strategy to follow, a social media plan and carries it out. Use statistical data, indicators of effectiveness and performance, to improve and optimize . He is the master of content. It is not only the face of the brand, but the power. What training is needed for this? Since they are different, the training that both have is very different. The Community Manager must have an idea, at least basic, of the handling of text editors, must know how to defend himself in written and oral communication, move around websites and have familiarity with the administration of blogs, discussion forums, ratings and reviews.

The Social Media Manager , in addition to everything previously mentioned, must have knowledge of Marketing, Administration, Branding and content development, management of Google Analytics, Business Analytics, ROI analysis, KPIs, SEO strategies, management of Photoshop, Excel, etc. You have to work your analytical capacity, obtain some knowledge and learn to use tools such as those mentioned above and you can become a true Social Media Manager, if you are really interested in it and you like this world. If you want to see your business grow, you need to hire the services of a Social Media Manager Why? For several reasons: You need to be Taiwan Database present and meet expectations. An SMM knows about Digital Marketing , he knows how Facebook works and its prioritization algorithms. Create quality content , regularly over time and thus position your business in Google. It makes the public move and interact with what it publishes. Get a fast response rate , reflecting a brand dedicated and concerned about its audience. Measure results and use data to improve.

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