Social networks: when should I post?

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Social networks: when should I post?

Social media has become an everlasting company in people’s lives, so knowing when to post on social media is a must. Each one prefers a different one, but it is true that wherever we go we perceive its presence. But, it is true that there is a time when you have to ask yourself when publishing on social networks will give me greater visibility. Throughout the day we take photos, capture moments or appointments that we like to share them on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other profiles. In addition, time is usually spent daily to review the activity free phone number germany of friends, interact with them through networks and share photos, videos or comments. The multiple possibilities of social networks and the possibility of connecting from anywhere and at any time, causes continuous visits by users to different social networks; which could lead us to think that no matter when we publish that, since someone is always connected, our publications will perceive reach and interaction. However, despite the constant movement that exists in social networks, each of these platforms has better hours than others to make a publication in order for the post to obtain greater attention from users . And, when to post on social networks to get better engagement ?

Each of the social networks has its own favorable schedule to get as many “likes”, “favs”, “retweets”, “shares” or “likes” as possible. Of course, everything will also depend on the number of followers or friends you have in your account and what information you share. Twitter According to some analysts and specialized applications in order to know this type of actions in social networks , on the Twitter platform the most convenient time for the “tweeters” to send their comments is between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm , with noon being the most favorable time to make a publication. Also, although it may seem surprising, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the days with less activity on the social network Twitter , which is why it is more convenient to publish on this platform in the first days of the week. This social network is widely used to stay informed and follow the news immediately. That is why Twitter has more interaction and strength in the first hours of the day and within working hours. Facebook It is similar to Twitter in terms of best time to post. It is common that during noon, between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm, Facebook posts have the greatest impact .

In this interval of hours, people usually take a lunch / lunch break and, therefore, usually connect to Facebook from their mobile or any other device. It is the moment when most of them take the opportunity to connect for a while and walk through this platform. In addition, it has been found that on Wednesdays, especially in the afternoon , activity on Facebook is more hectic than during the rest of the week. Instagram The famous photo network also Taiwan Database has its particular schedule in which the greatest number of visits is recorded. According to some analyst apps, on this social network activity remains regularly constant throughout the week, with Mondays being the busiest days and Sundays the days with the longest recess (although it is estimated to be mild).

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