Some Books on Creativity and Innovation

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Some Books on Creativity and Innovation

Have you ever heard of these books on creativity? Are you curious to know what they are about? It is very likely that if you dedicate yourself to a profession related to art and innovation, you have had seasons in which you feel that inspiration does not come to you. According to the Tecnológico de Monterrey , a creative block is related to motivation and mood. Whether in written, musical or even digital form, many times getting inspiration can be a complicated task that scares more than one. However, the best artists in the world and in history never gave up on those moments. Many of them have even generated mechanisms and strategies to make their imagination work in difficult moments.

This is how several of these famous books on creativity have emerged over time that seek to advise people who are not having a good time and need strategies to unleash their imagination. That is why, in today’s article, we bring you a list of the best books on creativity that will help you overcome that creative block that torments Russia Phone Number so much. You will find texts by different recognized authors and aimed at different artistic expressions. Are you ready to start? Stay with us to learn about these books on creativity! 1. The Way of the Artist by Julia Cameron books for creatives We start with a best seller: “The Artist’s Path” is a practical program for working creatively. Julia Cameron is a renowned writer.

The Way of the Artist by Julia Cameron

Journalist, producer and screenwriter who has worked in such prestigious media outlets as the New York Times. With this book you will learn 12 master lessons in 12 weeks that will teach you how to be creative and overcome the barriers that every artist faces . The tools provided by Julia Cameron will help you eliminate from your mind that idea that you are not talented enough or creatively intelligent. Through daily and weekly tasks, with this book on creativity you will be able to unleash your inner artist. Among the proposed tasks are: the morning pages It consists of writing three pages by hand as soon as you get up. Although what you write does not make sense, the author’s proposal is to put aside your inner critic and allow all thoughts to flow.

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Moreover, thoughts that “make noise” will remain on the sheet and the brain is cleaned to start the day. the artist quote Take an hour a week to do something out of the ordinary or go somewhere you don’t frequent. It is a self-gift to open your mind to inspiration. “The Artist’s Way” will break all the beliefs you have about the creative process and creativity will become part of your daily life. 2. Steal like an artist from Austin Kleon books for artists Austin Kleon wrote this book on creativity after a talk with his students went viral. Moreover, proposal is that you don’t worry about originality, everything has already been done before . Instead, accept yourself and think about how you can bring your own personal style to what you do with your creative intelligence.

Steal Like an Artist From Austin Kleon

As the (very creative) title of the book anticipates: there is nothing 100% original . An artist is always built on the reality that he knows: behind a work of art. There is always another great work of art. We could say that the greatest contribution this book makes is the normalization of creativity . Therefore, author frees creation from all the assumptions that surround it. And invites you to develop your creativity by following a few simple steps. And, as we saw at the beginning, it is in the need to solve problems that the importance of creativity lies, and everyone has problems! Therefore, of the profession, we can all think “outside the box” and improve our daily activities.

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