Specialized in online stores: At this point we must refer to the fact

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Specialized in online stores: At this point we must refer to the fact

That it is not the same to do advertising campaigns for eCommerce than to do them to sell services or info products. Based on the price of the products to offer, campaigns can be carried out with cold traffic or a more adapted funnel will have to be developed . Specialized in physical stores: Physical businesses have their different characteristics and it is necessary to carry out different types of strategies to attract customers. One of the keys to this task is to carry out a good segmentation of the market to find the type of public that you want to impact. What are the functions of a digital trafficker? 1. Audit of the advertising account: The first step for everything, is to carry out an audit; This must be done before carrying out any type of strategy (as long as you have a clear business model). Internal audit: The first step to start working as a digital trafficker number of mobile phones in canada with a new client is to audit an advertising account. Some of the points that are analyzed in this are: Type of campaign developed. Type of objectives selected. Types of ads developed. Type of segmentation used. Sales funnel . The objective of all this is to find which has been the most profitable advertising campaign and also, to find which has been the least profitable and the reason for all this. External audit: In this audit, the announcements made by the competition must be analyzed. Nowadays, there are different ways to spy on your competitors’ ads on Instagram or Facebook. In addition to tools that serve to investigate the ads in Google Ads of said competition. 2. Planning the advertising strategy: The strategies carried out by a digital trafficker is what can distinguish between being a professional or a beginner.

For example, being able to sell through Facebook is not as simple as creating ads and waiting for the sales to occur. Depending on the price of the service or product that is being offered, a sales funnel will have to be defined. 3. Campaign creation: This is one of the main functions of the digital trafficker. Each platform has its characteristics, especially Instagram and Facebook. For this reason, it will be necessary to know what type of objectives are the most indicated depending on the type of campaign to develop. The trafficker must professionally segment to find the right audience to run such a campaign. Apart from all this, you will also have to take care of the realization of the arts and the copy of the ads. 4. Campaign analysis: Analytics and measurement are essential when creating any type of campaign. In order to be a trafficker, you will have to have hundreds of knowledge about web analytics and apart from that, be clear about what the most important metrics will be depending on the type and objectives set for each campaign. Always bear in mind that it is not the same to create a campaign to achieve notoriety than to achieve conversions. 5. Optimization: The optimization part will also differentiate a novice trafficker from an expert one.

When analyzing the performance of the campaigns, there will be different aspects that must be modified … Depending on the analysis, certain elements will have to be optimized, as well as reducing or increasing the budget. 6. Reporting: Finally, reports should be made that reflect the complete analysis of the campaigns. In this case, you should report on two levels: Internally (measurement). External reports (clients). Internally, individual campaigns will be analyzed in order to draw conclusions. And externally, the results of the campaigns will be presented to the clients with whom they are working. It should be mentioned that, customers usually will not care what CTR their campaigns have achieved or what the quality of their published ads has been. What Taiwan Database will really matter is whether the conversion goals have been achieved. Conclution The profession of digital trafficker is in high demand today for the reasons that we have been touching throughout this article . It is very important that you consider conducting the relevant studies if you want to achieve this profession. It is not about something like taking a course, we are talking about a very interesting profession within marketing that entails the need to study in relation to this. It is a job that takes a lot of dedication and continuous naivety.

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