Speed (this will allow you to speed up or slow down the playback speed of your videos

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Speed (this will allow you to speed up or slow down the playback speed of your videos

As well as that of the music track it contains). Add the audio, which can be from content that you have saved on your device or from a popular song that is within the Instagram library. You can search for the songs using the hashtags, just like in T ik Tok . Record the video. Edit the video with the multiple options available (those mentioned above). And finally, when you have everything ready, you can share it in the Stories (so that everyone can see it or only your list of best friends) or also send it as a direct message. There are many functionalities within the Reels. The best way to discover all of them is by browsing and assiduously using this new part of Instagram. How to share the Reels? Do not stress if you do not know how Instagram Reels are shared , because we will china phone number online tell you that it is extremely easy. With a Public Profile : you can share your Reels in a special space in the ‘Explore’ section, so that, in this way, they are discovered by multiple users. You also have the option to add them to your Feed and have them seen by your followers . If you add songs, effects or hashtag, you have the possibility that your video will appear on certain pages when someone clicks on the song, hashtag or effect you used. With a private Profile : Instagram is a social network that takes into account the confidentiality of its users and the settings that they mark, for that reason, if the profile is private, your Reels can only be viewed by your own community . The original audio of your Reel cannot be used by other people and your Reels , if they are shared, will only be seen by your followers. If you share a Reel by Stories, it will disappear in 24 hours.

But it will always be available in your Reels section if you have shared it by direct message or in your Feed. Comparison: Instagram Reels and Tik Tok It is no secret to anyone that since Instagram released its new Reels feature , we all immediately thought about the similarity it had with Tik Tok . That is why in this article we want to talk a little about the things you can do in each of them and draw your own comparisons. On Instagram Reels you can: Create clips or videos of 15 seconds and add existing music to them within the Spotify or Apple Music catalog. Lower or increase the speed of a video . Also put filters and effects on the videos. You can publish it in your feed, in the stories or send it to a friend by direct message. To be able to see the Reels of more than one user, it is necessary that you go to the magnifying glass section to be able to see them. In addition, you can give ‘like’, share the reels with your friends or leave a comment . There is even a button to press and follow the author of the video. On Tik Tok: This is an independent social network. The videos that you can create in it range from 5 to 60 seconds. In its library there is more variety of filters and effects , you can also select which side of your video you want it to appear. You can also find more variety of search. In the same way, you can select the song of a Tik Tok that you liked . You have the option to download the video and audio with the watermark of the social network and that of the user who created it. Although it does not have an alignment tool like Reels, Tik Tok has a wide variety of transitions so that your videos have a better finish. In terms of editing, both platforms are very similar: you can edit the speed, cut, add effects to each part of the video, among many others. The videos will be published automatically in the Feed of the social network. You can also select a fragment of the video for its cover.

Launch and boom Something that is not very clear is how long Facebook has been planning the global launch of Instagram Reels , but what matters is that they are taking advantage of a great opportunity. The government of US President Donald Trump has been investigating the ties of the social network Tik Tok with the Chinese government for some time. In early July 2020, Trump threatened to block Tik Tok in retaliation for the coronavirus, and much concern has been raised about possible Chinese government access to Tik Tok data. Given the possible disappearance of said social network, creators and users are looking for a platform where they can continue to share the videos they were used to creating. At this point , Instagram Reels comes to fill that need. Keep in mind that Tik Tok has an estimate of a base with 80 million users in the United States; this could be a perfect opportunity to capture that large market share. Although, on the other hand, the Microsoft company announced that it will buy the rights to the social network Tik Tok in Canada, the United States Taiwan Database, New Zealand and Australia , in order to maintain user data on some servers located in the United States and from this form, there is no problem in relation to information security. Despite its constant comparison with the social network Tik Tok, there is no doubt that the Instagram Reels function has had a very spontaneous and fast growing fame . It has arrived to provide all its users with a new way to record and edit videos within the same platform. For this reason, it is being widely used by influencers and celebrities on social networks who have been leaving aside the social network Tik Tok and have started to make these videos directly on Instagram. You are also seeing a lot of content created on Tik Tok that is later added to Instagram through Reels.

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