Start with a hook to attract strangers who are within your buyer persona

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Start with a hook to attract strangers who are within your buyer persona

It can be, offering a free dental cleaning in the first consultation or a discount for the next one. This should be assessed according to the service that you want to promote. Then optimize your entire website to guide visitors to this hook. sales funnel Once you have their email or phone, touch the follow-up process, this includes sending the automated email marketing . Emphasize that your oral health is in good hands. After the follow-up, you have to try to mature the leads (contacts) towards the visit to your clinic. At this stage of the funnel or funnel, I advise that every so often you send emails with interesting content, avoid falling into “the temptation to sell” the services of the dental clinic directly. Since you have a database of potential clients, segment them into groups in order to plan the type of information that you will send to each one. Either by age, sex india phone number free or services of interest. For those who are in the middle of the funnel (they are not yet convinced that you are their trusted dentist), clear up some doubts and break their objections that they come to the clinic through emails, publications or remarketing advertising. The key is to convince them that you are their solution. In the final process of the funnel, you will get the interested leads from your dental services. But the journey does not end here, you must retain them , since at any time they will need to go to the dentist and they have to decide again that it is in your clinic. 6. Use local SEO to enhance the presence of your clinic analyzeWith the competition that exists in the dental sector, local SEO will boost your services in a specific geographic area. Surely you’ve ever searched for a service on Google and you have come up with companies in your area, right? Well, this is achieved by enhancing this part.

To achieve positioning on the first pages of Google, it is essential that you implement two basic strategies: 1. Create and optimize the dental clinic file in Google My Business . It is important that the contact information matches that reflected in the social media profiles and website. Includes hours of operation, description of the clinic, services, photos and short videos. Don’t despair, because depending on the level of competition in your town or city, showing up in local results can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months. And as long as there has been a job behind it. 2. Ask your customers for reviews. According to Brightlocal, more than 85% of consumers read reviews of local businesses and 57% only favor a business if it has 4 stars or more. Besides, I’m one of the latter, as far as I know what I’m talking about. I do not contract any service that I do not see reviews for. reviews google dental marketing Take the example of a clinic that I found in NYC. 352 5-star reviews is a sign that if you were there you would have to go straight to this dental clinic. Also, Google has shown it to me first. The perception that clients have of your clinic will have a positive or negative influence on their final decision and the positioning of your website.

Take care to pay good attention to the people who come to the clinic, offer quality content and encourage your patients to leave their opinion. You can also give them something in return, so they feel “obligated” to do so. Only then will you form what is known as online reputation. Other extra recommendations to improve your local SEO and that you must apply if you want to be in the first places of Google are the following: Identify the keywords that people use when looking for information related to dental services and use them on your website pages. Optimize Taiwan Database the content of your web page for Google and have a web page that loads fast. Get them to mention you in local media on their pages and get other websites with authority within the dental sector to link you. 7. Take care of your social networks social mediaSocial networks are an essential tool for any dental clinic. But this does not mean that you should create profiles on all platforms. The first thing is to determine where your audience is. Through the appropriate profiles you can share content of high interest to the user that helps to generate interaction. Such is the case of dental advice, images of the facilities and clinic staff, tutorials, contests and promotions. But what to post on each network? Let’s see it.

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