Street Marketing Advertising has grown by leaps

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Street Marketing Advertising has grown by leaps

And bounds in recent decades, creating new advertising methods such as Street Marketing. Perhaps you are starting a new business, and you are surely overwhelmed by how complicated and expensive it can be to attract and maintain the attention of new customers. And even more, at a time where consumers are increasingly demanding and companies are increasing their level of competitiveness … One solution that could help you, without a doubt, is Street Marketing. The sales funnel has completely evolved compared to a few years ago . Now, customers expect a chinese phone number online more personalized experience. Instead of feeling obliged to buy, they want to have a shopping experience; For this reason, brands or companies can no longer bombard with unhelpful and irrelevant content. At this point, it is where we have to talk about Street Marketing . Its goal is to increase brand recognition through the use of ingenuity and creativity , rather than with a huge advertising investment to capture the interest of consumers. It should be noted that this type of advertising is developed clearly on the street , and basically seeks to interact with consumers, entertaining or surprising them. Next, we will develop the subject further and we will tell you what Street Marketing is and the tactics that exist in this new type of advertising. What is Street Marketing? Street Marketing is the promotion or commercialization of products and services in an unconventional way in public places. The main characteristic and what distinguishes Street Marketing is, as we already mentioned, that its campaigns are carried out clearly on the streets.

Unlike Public Marketing that usually uses billboards, Street Marketing is based on the application of different techniques and practices to establish direct contact with customers. The cause an emotional reaction on potential customers , is one of the main objectives of this technique. In this way, they make people remember the brand or company in a new and different way. Tactics and objectives Sometimes it seems like anything goes in the marketing world , but there are some guidelines that should be taken into account when launching campaigns. After all, the idea is to try to stand out without getting any negative impressions from the public. Do not forget that the goal is to win the audience’s vote and channel customers . So ideas that might scare them should be avoided at all costs. Catch your target audience off guard: Perhaps you can notice that, nowadays, consumers have developed some immunity against advertising … they automatically block their mobiles if they see that they receive any advertising they do not want, quickly change the channel or silence any device where advertisements appear. Closing pop-ups or sidebars has become automatic among people, and because of this, many opportunities to receive messages that may be relevant are lost.

Finding some way to convey the message to the consumer even when they are not on high alert to end up ignoring it is the important part of the Street Marketing approach . Avoid Associating the Street Marketing campaign with fear: Before any such marketing campaign is launched , it should be tested with some people who have little or no knowledge of the product to be promoted. If the plan is likely to risk making a bad impression on the public, other ways must be found to alter it and effectively alleviate audience concerns. Creativity: This is a fundamental key; Once you get the attention of your customers, you have to have something to say or draw Taiwan Database their attention directly. The audience should not be disturbed: Perhaps you can organize a fight in the street using squirt guns to advertise a jet ski rental service; This would be a great idea, but not so great when innocent bystanders start to get drenched with water on their way to work. That is why all possible instances of the campaign must be evaluated.

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