Styles Based on Influences

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Styles Based on Influences

Before setting an illustration trend, most illustrators start by copying the graphic styles of their favorite animated series. However, it is common for some drawing teacher to convince them to abandon it because “you must start looking for your own style to have more value as an artist.” Has it happened to you? Although the intention of this idea is good, it does not mean that it is valid. Remember that everything we draw has our style on it, we are not photocopying machines. What’s more, the influence of a school like manga or the much debated “CalArts” style is a wonderful base on which, over the years, you can build something of your own. This is precisely what many artists are practicing, a fact that has made this style a trend in illustration.

For example, comic book artist Babs Tarr revolutionized DC by bringing her manga influence to iconic characters like Batgirl. trending drawingsImage: DC Comics If you feel highly influenced by a particular aesthetic, you can try to mold your designs and create new types of illustration . Do not get carried away by a negative opinion and try to find new airs when designing, as well as a balance between your influences and your own style of illustration. Dare to explore, you can be the next creator of one of the fashion drawing styles! 4. Non-normative New Zealand Phone Number We have no control over the bodies that the media show us, but we do have control over the ones we choose to draw. For this reason, this illustration trend invites us to make room for non-normative bodies: diverse figures, which teach us the beauty of asymmetry, and ultimately reflect ourselves.

Non-normative Representation

Of course, the illustration of muscular, voluptuous and stylized bodies like comic book heroes, pinup girls or the elongated figures of the 90s are still valid. However, why not give your portfolio a real focus with these trendy drawings? Dare to illustrate the body as it is and not as the media wants us to see and be part of this illustration trend that will grow strongly in 2022. illustration trend 2022Image: Luis Gadea 5. Digital illustration as if it were traditional For this year, one of the illustration trends that continues to rise is to simulate traditional techniques in digital. To do this, in addition to a drawing tablet , you also need good design software . Digital tools come to give us a hand in the illustration process and show us a winning combination of brushes, plugins and functions that mimic classic textures to create the best fashion drawings.

New Zealand Phone Number

Of course you will not have a good result automatically. Therefore, we recommend you to practice constantly to perfect your technique. This guide to drawing the face from scratch will help you achieve good results in your next works. Fashion illustrationImage: Frannerd 6. Minimalist illustration We know that art is a discipline that is constantly changing and that never tires of exploring new styles. Therefore, new illustration trends are always developing over the years. In this opportunity, simple designs are being the center of attention of the entire creative community. Minimalist illustration stems from the need to make illustrations inspired by the simple, the subtle and the simplest details that can make up a piece. Although you may think that minimalist illustrations are based on the absence of color and flat line.

Digital Illustration as if It Were Traditional

Since this is the notion that we are used to seeing, the truth is that minimalism. In illustration should not necessarily be as simple as it seems. Precisely, this is reinforced in this year’s fashion drawings. Therefore, it is possible to make minimalist illustrations that do not contain many visual elements. But whose colors are abundant and striking. Be sure to include complementary colors that create harmony. But at the same time are comforting to be successful with this trending drawing style. Minimalist illustrationImage: Ariel Sun 7. Isometric perspective This technique is undergoing a renaissance to the. Point of becoming a trend in drawing and illustration, as it is increasingly present in different fields. To give you an idea, this trend is found in print publications, web design or even in video games. Isometric perspective is one of the oldest drawing and illustration techniques.

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