Take Advantage of the “background Eraser” Feature

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Take Advantage of the “background Eraser” Feature

Now that you know how to crop Photoshop images and hair, it’s time to get to work . Cutting an image in Photoshop is an art because the credibility and level of editing depend on it. So it takes a lot of patience and practice. According to a study by HubSpot , images are a fundamental element in any content marketing strategy . But it is not about including just any image, but a work of design and treatment of the visual material that generates a visual impact on the audience must be guaranteed; and at the same time, strengthen the visual identity of the brand. Within this context, the role of the graphic designer and their level of knowledge of Photoshop is essential. According to an analysis by Forbes.

To enter the labor market of the future and obtain the best professional positions, one must be up-to-date in relation to the use of digital tools . In fact, it is believed that 40% of job skills will have to be updated by human capital , in order to perform successfully in the new world of work. In this regard, the time it takes to cut out Photoshop images and hair will depend on your level of Photoshop skills and the characteristics of the image Paraguay Phone Number photograph you are going to edit. We recommend that you start by practicing with simple images (with a solid colored background) so that you master the technique of hair cut in Photoshop. graphic designer draws hair in Photoshop on his laptop on his work table Source: Pexels When you find the photo, open it with Photoshop and duplicate the layer .

Practice With an Easy to Punch Image

You can do this quickly by pressing “Cmd + j” on Mac and “Ctrl + j” on Windows to have it repeat. As removing background is the first step in the process of cutting images in Photoshop, we share with you some tips so that you can do it quickly and easily. Many of these tips were given to you throughout this article on cropping images and hair in Photoshop! Take note : Use images with high contrast between element and background. Use images with good lighting. The “Magic Wand” tool will help you select the background. Don’t forget the “Invert Selection” function . Let’s quickly see what is the procedure to crop image and hair in Photoshop with this function: Choose the “Magic Wand” tool . By default, the shortcut is the “W” key.

Paraguay Phone Number

Click on the solid background to have Photoshop select the same color. Reverse the selection via Selection > Reverse ; or through the shortcut “cmd or ctrl + shift + i”. Send the new selection to another layer. You can use the shortcut “cmd or ctrl + j”. Also, you can use the “Quick Selection” tool. You can use it like a brush. When you use it, you can help yourself with the “Select subject” option , which is in the options bar. magic wand tool in photoshop to make fretwork photos Source: Crehana In summary, cropping images and hair in Photoshop is simple, if you take into account this complete guide that we have given you with all its tricks . Now you can start cutting your images for your creative projects or those commissioned by your clients.

Technological Design Tools

Remember that the impact of your hair cut photos will be essential for the message you want to convey to your audience to be effective and promote the call to action you are looking for. To complement this discussion on cropping images and hair in Photoshop, take a look at all of our Graphic Design courses . Digital education provided by experts in graphic design is an essential way for you to meet all your goals as a professional. Therefore, choose the courses that best suit your needs as a creative, to learn more about how to cut hair in Photoshop and strengthen all your skills as a graphic designer. Do not forget that digital transformation forces us to constantly update our knowledge. Good handling of technological design tools (such as Photoshop).

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