Teachable has three monthly plans ranging from $ 39 to $ 299, with 14-day free trials.

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Teachable has three monthly plans ranging from $ 39 to $ 299, with 14-day free trials.

Even so, I still think that the above are better options than these, depending on whether you are facing a product validation or a product already validated in your audience. MOODLE It is one of the most popular learning management systems for being open source . You do the installation yourself if you have technical knowledge, but the maintenance and updating is carried out by the company where it is hosted. It has a responsive design so that students can use different navigation devices. Its usability is simple, so it is not necessary to be an expert in the field. Its flexibility is another point in its favor since it can be used for both online and blended courses or as a complement to classes and tutorials. Includes resources for conducting surveys and questionnaires how to know name by phone number in india for students. 2. Select the tools you will need ACTIVE CAMPAIGN It is the marketing and sales automation tool that will help you promote your online courses. Thanks to the variety of channels with individualized messages, it allows you to have effective communication with users. If you integrate Active Campaign with WordPress, you will be able to track people according to their behavior on your website. In addition, it allows you to create sales funnels and obtain detailed reports. The price can be adjusted based on your requirements THRIVECART It is a software hosted in the cloud that is used to outline the payment pages of the products. Its plus point is that it helps to personalize each option you offer.

It also allows you to easily trace Upsells , Downsells and Bump Offers. ThriveCart developers integrated the tool with other email marketing, membership platforms, autoresponders, webinars, notifications, and comprehensive sales. It is without a doubt my favorite to integrate with WordPress, although you have to know that its price is $ 690. ELEMENTOR We are talking about an open source WordPress page builder that allows you to design your website. With Elementor Page Builder , you will be able to visually edit your pages and simultaneously see the changes made. Do not worry if you do not have knowledge of web design, since its tool panel is very simple and intuitive. Additionally, this frontend page builder includes various widgets, templates, editing tools, and a visual revision history. VIMEO It is a very popular video upload platform among professionals in the audiovisual sector. Its strengths are the good resolution of the videos, that there is no duration limit and the security of the videos. As for the cost, it has the free option (upload limit of 500MB per week, but without duration limit) and payment (limit of 20GB per week). If you are looking to work without restrictions, there is another more advanced option with a higher cost.

LEARNDASH It is a WordPress plugin, which is used to generate evaluations and management of students in online classes. It also helps you personalize the lessons with descriptions and images, sell by Paypal and release the content on a set date. It is very interesting because you can adjust your work according to the needs of the moment, open, closed, free, paid, recurring courses … Another aspect of the tool to highlight is that you define a sequential advance of each content, create work groups and establish the dynamics of the evaluation. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE FOR FREE! Can’t you sell through your website? 12 actions to save, scale and Taiwan Database automate the income of your digital business I want the guide ebook blog DROPBOX Allows you to synchronize files through a directory or virtual hard disk available from any computer. The advantage is that it has a copy of your documents that is updated in a synchronized way and that keeps the old version in case you need it at any time. Very useful for an online school. By default, it allows you to have a free space of 10GB of files. If you want more, it has a cost.

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