Telemarketing in times of the coronavirus, is it the best time to bet on it?

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Telemarketing in times of the coronavirus, is it the best time to bet on it?

Personalized customer service is also part of your brand identity. Specifically, telemarketing is the voice of your company and is the most personal and human direct marketing strategy . Telemarketing is not just about “selling over the phone”, it goes way beyond that. It is about transmitting the essence of your brand, earning the trust of your customers and creating a great community. That is why at Esparta Digital, valencia digital marketing agency , we consider the work of our telemarketer to be essential . What is telemarketing? Telemarketing is a afghanistan cell service direct marketing tool, the objective of which is to establish relationships with customers and create business opportunities . In another of our post we explained how important the figure of CRM marketing was to retain our audience, well, the task of telemarketer is not far behind. Although sales are an important factor, with telemarketing you get much more than a sale. With phone calls you can find out what product or service your buyer persona is looking for , segment your target audience based on their characteristics (social, demographic or economic) and allow you to collect information about your brand’s weak points , strengths or how You could improve to meet the needs of your potential customers.

We could summarize all this in: competitive advantage, don’t you think? The data that you collect with your calls will provide great value and utility for your business marketing strategies . telemarketing Adapt your telemarketing strategy These are times when people, despite social distancing, need to feel closer than ever to their family, friends and even their favorite brands, in order not to see themselves alone during confinement. It is the perfect time to bridge the gap with your audience . Give telemarketing a chance now that your clientele is much more willing to hear what you have to offer, but above all, use this technique to get a clear message across: I’m still here . Don’t know how to do it? Here are some of our best tips: Send messages of confidence and convey to your audience your concern and commitment regarding the situation we are experiencing. Reassure your clients by explaining your current situation, if you have had to make changes, how you have adapted or if your activity continues normally.

Whatever, but keep them posted. These are moments of great uncertainty and your audience needs to know clearly how you are working and if it affects them. Show your more supportive side by making your audience feel protected and accompanied during confinement. Empathize with your customers and explain what they can find in your company specifically during quarantine. Listen to them and make them feel part of the company . Give them the Taiwan Database limelight. Know their needs and work to provide the best solutions. Lend them your help with any problems that may arise regarding your product or service. It is essential that, now that your customers have time, you encourage and improve the conversation through telemarketing . Approach them and look for a connection with your client, which guarantees that your audience continues to choose you.

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