Temporary Exhibitors or Freestanding Displays

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Temporary Exhibitors or Freestanding Displays

It is a kind of POP material format that is used in a disposable way for a season. It can be used for launches, promotions, activations or cross-selling. The design possibilities are almost limitless. oreo pop material Image: Pinterest gondola tips Gondolas are shelves where products are placed in retailers and are used for the presentation of POP material. Moreover, function of this area is to promote the brand or products and increase their rotation. Example of Bimbo POP material Image: interactive screens They are an innovative POP design format. located at points of purchase. They are usually LCD screens that capture the customer’s attention through interactive animation. island unit The island-shaped POP collateral design is very versatile, because it can be placed anywhere in the store .

Island units are usually small, and are identified with the branding elements of the brand that is promoting the products. Therefore, island unit Image: Integrago display case It is a very common POP advertising format in most stores, especially when it comes to technology products. You can recognize it because it is a shelf that is Poland Phone Number by glass or plastic screens in which more or less valuable items are stored. advertising glorifiers This type of POP material is often used for new product launches, and as the name implies, its purpose is to glorify the product . The idea is to generate a design that draws the public’s attention and makes them think that it is a highly exclusive product.

Interactive Screens

Knowing which design to use can make the difference between a business and its competition. Advertising glorifier example Image: Integrago How to make a POP material design? To make a design of POP material you must take into account from the use of design programs to the conceptualization and materialization of your graphic pieces. We will tell you everything you need to take into account to make a POP material design Learn to handle design programs As a designer, the first thing you have to do is learn to use graphic design programs correctly . Therefore, since POP advertising has multiple formats, and you must know very well how to adjust each design to the platform that is going to be . If you want to learn how to work with POP design , we recommend exploring our catalog of graphic design courses .

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With them you will learn to use some of the most popular programs in the advertising industry. And you will get the best tips to create attractive and effective designs. Crehana design course Image: Crehana branding course for. Illustrators Research and conceptualize your ideas. The second point is the research and conceptualization for the creation of. POP design pieces. Before you start designing your POP material. Therefore, should be clear about what the reason will be: launch, anniversary, commercial campaign, etc. If you are clear about the reason for your campaign. You will be able to develop the conceptualization. Graphic style and message of your designs in a much simpler way. In the research process to develop your POP advertising. You must know the behavior of your target audience at the point of sale, what their profile is, their preferences and their daily activities.

Advertising Glorifiers

Therefore, pop material Image: Serkan Sevren on Behance Choose the materials to design. When the graphic line of the campaign is . The third step is to land the design on the. POP advertising materials that will go to the points of sale. Depending on the types of POP materials you use for the campaign. You have to adapt your designs following the graphic guidelines. Design your pieces of POP material Now it’s time to design your POP material! You must bear in mind that, depending on the type of object chosen. The scale of the design will have to be . Therefore, must consider the possible modifications that your POP design may have . Always take into account the actual measurement (height and width) of your pieces. Do not forget that beyond designing a creative piece, you must consider the needs and communication objective of the brand.

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