The 10 best tools for social networks

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The 10 best tools for social networks

The tools for social networks allow us to get the most out of it. The management of social networks requires having useful applications, with which to carry out analyzes and that simplify the use of each platform. Thus, it will not cost us to get all the juice we are looking for from the social networks in which we are present. The essential tools to manage social networks The social media presence is increasingly important, especially when we seek to promote colombia phone number a marketing campaign , to reach customers, maintain closeness or promote the brand image. They are a very useful platform in the modern world, but we can get even more out of them and make them more dynamic if we have some of these tools.

1. Hootsuite
Hootsuite allows you to manage the most popular social networks. With it we can issue weekly reports, manage various profiles and greatly facilitate teamwork. In addition, it is a simple and intuitive application to use, a point in its favor that is difficult to achieve. Thanks to it, we can create personalized panels and monitor the different aspects of each account, such as audience growth or featured entries.

2. Buffer
This tool is geared towards content management and post planning . Likewise, it is possible to schedule the publication of the different contents, which helps to automate these processes and focus on polishing the creation of each post without worrying about how it will be delivered. However, to take advantage of it, you have to opt for the paid versions of Buffer.

3. Canva
Canva allows us to create ready-made images and presentations for distribution on social media. Simplify the creative section, since it has hundreds of preset designs. We can modify them, set filters and everything with a simple interface to use.

4. Loomly
This paid application is focused on content creation and management. It offers us to control the entire creative process from the initial draft to the publication schedule. We also have the ability to create campaign budgets and set goals by users. As if that were not enough, we can be in contact with the publication team at all times.

5. TweetDeck
It is the appropriate option when we only want to thoroughly handle Twitter. It is free, it allows the creation of all kinds of tweets and the scheduling of their publication. Its interface offers different columns, in which we can see the chronological line of publications, the mentions we receive, the hashtags of the moment and the followers, among other customization options.

6. Brand24
Brand24 is designed to track mentions of our business on social media. It is capable of analyzing a large volume of comments and tracking them in real time. Thus, when faced with any problematic situation, we can take action instantly and solve it effectively. Ideal to protect our brand and capture potential leads .

7. Oktopost
Optimizing content for networks is essential, especially if we want to reach a larger audience. With this application we will get the most out of each post , since it informs us of its performance. We can also establish KPIs that measure their performance in real time, which allows us to understand what our audience is looking for.

8. CoSchedule
It’s ideal for managing and coordinating blog and social media posts . It is aimed at a single person can carry out a marketing campaign , which does not offer Taiwan Database many tools. It also has the ability to plan each action, which makes it very attractive for both influencers and small businesses.

9. Tailwind
Tailwind unfolds its full potential on Pinterest and Instagram, social networks where the visual has a great weight. It is a total tool that allows you to schedule publications, follow conversations, analyze results, create labels and offers recommendations to publish content at the best times. Without a doubt, a great tool, with an interface as simple to use as dragging an image into a box.

10. Welovroi
It is a tool that seeks to help us boost the return on an investment from a network campaign. We can obtain metrics from the main social networks and synchronize them with analysis platforms such as Google Analytics. In addition, it provides information on SEO traffic and provides analysis on the state of the competition. A complete tool so that we can improve our presence on all networks with enough information.

In short, these tools for social networks offer all kinds of utilities, which facilitate any activity that we want to develop on these platforms. Whether it is knowing the results of a specific publication in detail, creating or programming them, with these tools we will increase the performance of each ongoing campaign in a simple way, working in a group and with a small investment in most cases.

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