The 5 great trends that set the agenda in sports marketing

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The 5 great trends that set the agenda in sports marketing

On the list of crucial elements in marketing and advertising, sports are one of the golden elements. You only have to watch major sporting events change the year-end global advertising economic data to understand it.

Every time there is a great sporting moment, such as the World Cup or the Olympic Games, advertising spending skyrockets. Sports have a high capacity to  mobile number list  concentrate consumers and to capture their attention, which makes sports marketing and the bet on the stars of the moment a prominent and crucial issue for brands.

But what do they have to know about what is happening in sports right now to do their homework and to position themselves better than their competitors? In an analysis by The Drum they have studied what are the great trends that are marking sports marketing right now and, from their conclusions, a few lessons can be learned.

The growing weight of women’s sport
The perception of women’s sports is positive and also its weight in popular culture is increasing (and you only have to look at the audience data of the latest most prominent women’s football matches to see it).

Therefore, it is not surprising to find that one of the big trends that The Drum points to are changing sports marketing strategy is that of women in sports. This trend benefits from two great points.

On the one hand, as they recall in the analysis, the perception of consumers of women’s sports is very positive. A Nielsen study even pointed out that 84% of general fans of sports content pointed out that they saw these sports as more inspiring and progressive than those of the male version, which they see much more corrupted by money. On the other hand, the presence of brands in these sports is very much in line with the general tendency to seek causes to support and to have clear principles. One of the great examples is that of Nike and its relationship with Serena Williams.


They are not the only ones. In the analysis of sports sponsorships for next year, for example, women’s sports will be one of the main protagonists in terms of industry movements.

Virtual reality / Augmented reality
These are two terms that have been appearing in all the great analyzes and in all the great predictions of where the future is going when it comes to marketing. In the analysis, they point out that it will be one of the key trends in sports marketing and that it is already beginning to change things. It allows fans of different teams and different sports to be a much more part of the sporting experience or to be closer to their idols.

Bayern Munich, for example, created a virtual reality app to take selfies with their idols and Major League Baseball in the United States created an augmented reality app that allows you to see statistical data on players when you point your mobile at them on the field.

In addition to the uses in content and to create engagement, experts believe that it will have a clear application in the advertising market. The first pilots have already been tested, as in a friendly match in which ITV, the British network, tried to serve ads with virtual replacement technology according to the location of the viewer.

Social media
An old classic now, but one that refuses to die. Social networks continue to set the standard and continue to be one of the great trends in sports marketing, since they make it possible to open brand and advertising opportunities but, above all, to work on the creation of solid fan bases. Teams and sports stars use social media to build community and will continue to do so. It remains one of the determining elements in sports marketing strategy.

Principle Marketing
If the market is seeing how principles, values ​​and causes become a crucial and prominent element in any marketing strategy, how is sports marketing going to stay out of this reality? The general trend intersects with the niche and sports teams, stars and federations, championships and other bodies are launching campaigns with values ​​and principles and are joining causes and values.


Just think of Sport England’s The Girl Can campaign . Not only is it a perfect example of this point, but it also quickly went viral and soon became one  mobile number list  of the campaigns of the year (for the media and for the industry, which gave it awards and recognitions).

Of course, and as they remember in The Drum , it is not only important the cause, the values ​​or the principles they use, but also that the message has a good storytelling. You have to convey something important, but you have to convey it well.

The emerging age of eSports
It would be surprising if in the analysis they did not point towards electronic sports, considering that they have become one of the emerging niches within the industry. After all, eSports open up new opportunities and move more and more money , reaching segments that traditional sports were sometimes losing.

Not only will eSports position themselves as a new window in sports marketing, but they are already having an impact on traditional sports marketing and on what is happening in the ‘usual’ sports environment. The giants of this industry are already beginning to establish themselves in this area. At the next Real Madrid headquarters, for example, there will already be a specific area for them.

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