The 5 most demanded Digital Marketing profiles of 2021

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The 5 most demanded Digital Marketing profiles of 2021

The 5 Marketing Profiles … The digital marketing is more important than ever for brands in 2021 , we are living. The way we interact, communicate, buy and sell is transforming and with these changes new digital professions emerge , each one specialized in a certain area. Brands are focusing on developing more than ever all digital areas so as not to miss opportunities to grow their business since according to the Huffington Post “47% of current jobs will disappear in the next 25 years”. If you want to know which are the most demanded digital marketing profiles of 2021, keep reading!

1. Growth Marketing Director
This profile is more in demand than ever since companies need someone who is able to work building sustainable, profitable, scalable, replicable and durable marketing strategies oriented to business growth through digital marketing actions.

Growth Marketing is a comprehensive marketing technique that provides a science-based approach throughout the consumption funnel. It is a   Algeria Phone Number List   modulated process that scales experiments, designed and tested, to fit the customer’s business needs and long-term financial goals.

An essential aspect of Growth Marketing is integrating strong analytical capabilities with agile processes to deliver faster results at lower costs.

2. Digital Marketing Director
The Marketing Director (or Digital Marketing Manager) is in charge of coordinating and directing the marketing department of a company or an agency . He is responsible for establishing the marketing strategy, defining the budget for the different actions to be carried out and directing the team so that everything goes according to plan.

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3. SEO Technician
The SEO Consultant is the one who takes care that a project appears in the first positions, that is why it is one of the most demanded digital professions . This profile focuses on the technical optimization possibilities of a website. These include, for example, source code, operating systems, and server configurations. Technical SEO is never solely responsible for a good keyword ranking, but rather a prerequisite for future optimization actions.

This profile is in high demand since every day we spend hours looking for the most important information on Google or other search engines, we search for everything we need on the internet. Therefore, appearing on the first or second page can mean hundreds or thousands of euros.

3. Digital Project Manager
When we talk about a Digital Project Manager, we refer to that professional profile responsible for developing digital projects that achieve the company’s objectives, through the technical development of online products to create or maintain business lines . Some of the products whose projects he leads are: ecommerce, promotional sites, email marketing newsletters, rich media, applications for mobile devices and applications for social networks.

This is one of the most demanded profiles in those companies where the digital presence is still scarce, and they want to renew themselves as a competitive advantage.

4. Influencer Marketing
The marketing of influencers is a novel marketing strategy is to achieve a series of partnerships between brands and companies and those with high visibility and prominence on the Internet, which is known as ‘influencers’.

This strategy is one of the most profitable for today’s digital companies and carrying out campaigns of this type increases brand reach and loyalty. Therefore, in marketing it is essential to know how to carry out strategies with this new profile.

5. Inbound Marketing Specialist
Inbound Marketing is directly related to the profession  Taiwan Database  of the Digital Manager, and sometimes even their tasks can be similar or the same. The main function of this profile will be to design and implement the company’s attraction marketing strategy to attract and retain customers by creating content that is relevant to the buyer persona .

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