The best branding strategies

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The best branding strategies

Positioning is a polysemic term within the field of marketing. The ambiguity that word in marketing positioning itself contains can lead us to think about positioning SEO , positioning SEM , organic positioning , brand positioning … About last this precisely, brand positioning, try this post. What is brand positioning? Brand positioning is the image that a specific brand occupies in the mind of the consumer . This has to do with a personal perception by the consumer towards a specific brand and with respect to its competitors. Brand positioning is essential for the sales of any business. What are brand positioning strategies? Brand positioning strategies consist of a process that has the ultimate goal of changing the current image of our brand to  Cambodia Phone Number List  give it the image we want it to have . To carry out this type of strategy it is necessary to have a specific objective . When carrying them out, it is important that you focus on one or more factors of your brand that you want to highlight. How to choose strategies to carry out this positioning? Before determining which strategies to position a brand, you will continue to ask yourself these four key questions. They will help you which path you should follow: Who consumes your brand? What other brands compete with yours? What makes your brand special? When and how is your brand consumed? The answers to these questions will make it easier for you to make a decision about which brand strategies are the most suitable for you. The best branding strategies By quality The quality of a brand is one of its hallmarks.

The positioning quality is one of the brand positioning strategies most commonly used. There are many brands that appeal to the quality of their products and services to generate in the consumer a direct association between brand and quality. The quality branding strategy is easily combined with other positioning strategies. By price The positioning strategy by price is closely related to the positioning strategy by quality . If your brand has very high prices, you can associate it with exclusivity or luxury. You can also highlight the relationship between quality and price in your brand. By characteristics Each brand has its own characteristics. The characteristic branding strategy is especially interesting for brands that have unique characteristics that other competitors cannot imitate . The brand positioning strategy by characteristics consists of highlighting the characteristics, whether technical or not, that make a brand special. By benefits When your brand brings clear benefits to the consumer, you can use the branding strategy for benefits. When using this tactic for benefits it is important that your brand effectively generates that benefit that you are transmitting. The consumer favorably values ​​brands that, in addition to meeting a specific need, provide them with other benefits. For troubleshooting If your brand has the solution to a consumer problem, do not hesitate to put this brand positioning strategy into practice.

Branding by problem solving is very effective and is very popular with the consumer. By competition The positioning strategy by competition consists of directly comparing our brand with others of the competition . When you use competitive brand positioning make sure your brand comes out well in the comparison, otherwise the strategy will be a failure. Generally the consumer tends to compare different options before buying. When it comes to putting a competitive brand positioning strategy into play, you can highlight both market-leading products and second-brand products, that is, they are more affordable alternatives than the products of the leading brand. By lifestyle It is based on carrying out a strategy that focuses on the lifestyle of the consumer , their habits or their interests are data to take into account. Carrying out a lifestyle branding strategy   Taiwan Database  can create strong ties between brand and consumer. In addition, it can arouse the curiosity of consumers who are outside of that lifestyle targeting. By prescription The prescribers or influencers are the order of the day and more and more brands that use this figure in their strategies. The prescription brand positioning strategy allows the consumer to associate the brand with a familiar face and, if they like it, want to follow their example. From consumer experience There are no better prescribers than the consumers themselves. As consumers, we tend to seek information from other people who have made use of a trademark. If your business has a good reputation among consumers, do not hesitate to use this positioning strategy. What other brand positioning strategies do you know? Share with us which are your favorites through the comments.

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