The Best Latin American Designers Who Changed

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The Best Latin American Designers Who Changed

Did you know that Latin American designers are among the best in the world? When we talk about renowned designers, many times we go to the international arena, leaving aside the local or closest ones. However, we Latin Americans have set trends in graphic design, fashion design and interior design, and we have even become part of its history . Join us to highlight our Latin American roots by introducing you to some of the best Latin American designers from different fields. Famous Latin American designers : Oscar de la Renta Carolina Herrera angel sanchez Narciso Rodriguez Ruben Fontana Alexander Magellan Dr. Alderete Clara Portset Richard White Jose Alarcon Silvia Cherassi Esteban Cortazar John of the Peace Monica Arguedas Lucia Chain Article Try Crehana Premium for free and access the entire catalog of courses for 24 hours Go Premium.

Oscar de la Renta Oscar de la Renta is, neither more nor less, one of the most influential Latin American designers in the history of modern haute couture . The mere name of this Dominican designer tells us about his great contribution to the world of fashion and style. Oscar de la Renta’s hallmark has always been the quality of his clothes and the extreme femininity of his designs, which became objects of desire for women all over the world. Born in Finland Phone Number Domingo, de la Renta discovered his passion for women’s clothing while living in Madrid, the city where he had originally gone to learn painting. He then had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best international designers in Europe such as Antonio Castillo or Cristóbal Balenciaga .

Oscar De La Renta

After his great talent and magnificent work took him to cities like. Paris and New York , in 1965 he created with Jane. Derby the company with his name that would become an empire . Oscar de la Renta knew how to use glamor in his creations with which he became internationally renowned . Little by little he became the benchmark for Latin American fashion designers. By the time he passed away in 2014, Oscar de la Renta had ventured into accessories, sportswear, apparel for adults and teens, and much more. His name remains in history as one of the Latin American designers who achieved international fame in the world of fashion. Oscar de la Renta Oscar de la Renta. Source: Official YouTube channel 2. Carolina Herrera Carolina Herrera is considered the best Latin American fashion designer in the world .

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She has become part of fashion history, and her name is synonymous with elegance, glamor and design. This Venezuelan socialite was born in 1939, and had access to haute. Couture clothing since she was a child, a fact that would. Later allow her to develop an eye and sense of taste that have classified her. As the lady of elegance and sophistication . Established in New York since 1982, it was not until she was 42 years old that. She decided to venture into the world of fashion internationally. She prepared her first collection in 1980 and organized her first show the following year. Since then, this international designer has dressed celebrities such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep and Meghan Markle, among many others.

Carolina Herrera

In addition, Carolina Herrera created her own brand of accessories and perfumes. CH, with products, stores and establishments in various countries around the world.  The Venezuelan Ángel Sánchez is one of the most renowned Latin American fashion designers on the high catwalks. His designs have been worn by celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Eva Longoria and Taylor Swift. In addition, his dresses adorn the windows of the most luxurious North American stores . Born in Valera, state of Trujillo, Sánchez had architecture as his first vocation. But he soon made the leap to fashion design , convinced that there his creativity. Would have more space to develop. Ángel Sánchez followed. A long road from his first fashion store in Valera, “ Ángel Atelier ”. To the catwalks of New York and the preference of Hollywood celebrities.

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