The Best Mexican Graphic Designers That Will Touch

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The Best Mexican Graphic Designers That Will Touch

Talking about Mexican graphic designers not only implies admiring their incredible talent, but also knowing the history of a country and how it has shaped what is now an industry with hundreds of exponents and references worldwide. And it is that entering graphic design in Mexico is to understand the visual culture of a territory and how its designers have managed to redefine all this cultural wealth of colors and shapes in their own graphic pieces. We could extend a thousand lines talking about the interesting history of graphic design in Mexico, but in this blog post what we want is to tickle your imagination a little and help inspire you with the work of these world-renowned Mexican graphic designers , and that some of them are Crehana teachers.

So without further ado we will go straight to the list of these magnificent graphic designers from Mexico! 1. Indi Maverick Indi Maverick is a Mexican illustrator and graphic designer who has worked with major brands such as Dr. Martens, Steve Madden, Glenmorangie, Morelia Film Fest, Mary Kay, among others, making illustration pieces for magazines, books, and advertising in general. His work is marked by a trend towards the organic Mexico Phone Number animals, floral textures and botany stand out . In his design and illustration style you can see a mixture of digital techniques that emulate the freehand line of more traditional illustration and a mix of impeccable colors that create a synergy between his unique style and the brands.

Indi Maverick

Article Try Crehana Premium for free and access the entire catalog of courses for 24 hours Go Premium 2. Alexander Magellan Alejandro Magallanes can be named as one of the cult Mexican graphic designers, since his long career has put the country on the map in terms of graphic arts, poster design and editorial design. His quite peculiar style is characterized by not being defined by a particular technique. The exploration throughout his career as a graphic designer in Mexico has taken him through various visual paths, but always maintaining an interesting game between letters and images . Alejandro has participated in multiple projects at a national and international level, where his work with social institutions stands out, collaborating in the construction of corporate images and editorial design.

Mexico Phone Number

Violet Hernandez Violeta is a talented Mexican illustrator who delights with subtle pieces that play with femininity and color transparency . As she herself expresses it, her main strength lies in freehand drawing. Where she manages to uniquely express her interest in organic figures and nature. Her illustration work has been exhibited in different galleries. Around the world , including Monterrey, Mexico City, Los Angeles. Detroit, London and Barcelona, ​​making her one of the most sought after Mexican graphic artists today. 4. Mr Lemonade Mr. Lemonade is a Mexican digital illustrator and. Graphic designer based in the city of León. With his cartoonish and fun style , he has managed to collaborate with major brands, such as IBM, Televisa Networks, Tostitos, Line, Chilango Magazine and NFLPA, and recently with Adidas and Hype Energy Drinks.

Alexander Magellan

His irreverent style fills each character he creates with personality. And with a clean line and explosive color contrast he gives a unique finish to his creations. Transmitting energy to the viewer. Mr. Lemonade is not only one of the most ranked Mexican illustrators toda. But also one of Crehana’s star teachers with more than 271,000 subscribers . In his more than 5 online courses, he shares his extensive experience and his best. Techniques in digital illustration, branding, character creation. Packaging design, among others. As he mentions in his Adobe Illustrator CC: Illustration and Vector Character Design online course. I love collaborating with independent projects and entrepreneurial brands. And bringing our strengths together to grow life projects. Therefore, always caught my attention to dedicate myself to something related to illustration, animation and video games”.

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