The best online password managers

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The best online password managers

Nowadays the memorization and management of passwords is a somewhat complicated exercise since we have a large number of websites that ask us for a username and password to enter. Not only do social networks require a password, but online stores, digital newspapers, online banking, mobile applications … and many more do too. It is estimated that a person can have around 20 different keys, so remembering all of them is very difficult. Due to this, we have considered it important that you know some of the best online password managers out there. What is a password manager and what is it for? A password manager is an application that allows us to both create and store the passwords we have. Our data will be stored in an encrypted database that  Kenya Phone Number List  will be protected by a password, called the master password, with which we can access the rest of our keys. Choosing a strong password is not easy since you will have to use capital letters, numbers and other types of characters so that it is not easy to decipher. It is not recommended that we have a single password for all our applications, therefore, try to store in memory the password of all our social networks more than those of the digital newspapers or magazines to which we are subscribed, access to email and a long etcetera … it is an impossible task. In this case, a password manager will make our life easier on the Internet by storing each and every one of our passwords safely. At the moment in which we register in a new social network or online service, the manager will create a new password that will later be stored safely in its database. We will only have to remember the master password to be able to access the rest. Therefore, it is vitally important that the master password is very secure and difficult to decipher, otherwise we will be exposed to anyone accessing all of our passwords.

The best online password managers Below we will detail some of the best online password managers that currently exist and that you can use both in free and paid versions. 1Password 1Password is one of the best and most complete password managers online. In it you will be able to store passwords and also a PIN number, card number and other types of keys that are important and for daily use for you. It has an option that will help you change your passwords in case they are weak or inappropriate. You can use 1Password both in your browser and on your mobile since it is compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android. It has a free version and a paid version. online password managers LastPass LastPass is a great online password manager as it not only saves passwords but also helps us generate new ones, and automatically fills in website forms. It has unlimited password storage but you can save all kinds of information that is relevant to you. Like 1Password, it has a free version and a paid version and is compatible with PC and Mac computers and with iOS and Android for mobiles. Its operation is very simple since you only have to register and create an account that will give you access to the service. online password managers Dashlane With Dashlane we can generate unique passwords to protect all our accounts. It is a very powerful password manager with a large number of functions and tools available to the user.

For example, it performs an audit on all the passwords that we have saved to check if they are safe or easy to crack, as well as having auto-fill in apps and web pages. It also sends instant alerts when any of the pages in which we are registered suffers some type of hack so that we can change the password immediately. Finally, mention that it has a free and paid version. online password managers Google password manager The vast majority of browsers have their own password management system and Google was not going to be less. The Google password manager is responsible for storing one by one all the keys that we use in our account within the Google account itself. What’s more, when we log into any platform, Google always gives us the option to save that password. Those passwords can be consulted, modified or deleted whenever we want since the manager is synchronized with Chrome. online password managers Advantages and disadvantages of   Taiwan Database  using online password generator Now that you know some of the best online password generators, we are going to list some of the advantages and disadvantages that the use of these types of tools can entail. Advantages of the password manager All our passwords in one place. It allows to have a different password for each page in which we are registered. Generate strong passwords without us having to think about them. They also allow us to save the card number to speed up purchases. They can be used on multiple devices. Disadvantages of the password manager The main disadvantage is the risk of being hacked and having access to all our passwords. There are alternatives to save the passwords as a notebook or just remember them all using simple associations for us. There are operating systems that are out of reach like Linux, for example. In summary, online password managers can have their advantages and disadvantages like all tools, so it is up to you to decide if you want to use them or not.

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