The Best Photography Courses in Lima Peru

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The Best Photography Courses in Lima Peru

If you are still in school evaluating what your next step will be, if you are in learning photography in Lima as a hobby or professionally, then you should start investigating the specialization centers and institutes that offer advertising photography courses with classes based on in theory and practice. Photography is not as easy as it seems, it is one of the few ways of expression that are intertwined with the artistic and creative touch of people. So, based on what students have to say, we have created a list of the best places to study photography in Lima . photography-course-center-of-the-imagecenter of the image Location: Miraflores This center specializes in photography and has a large number of careers, diplomas, workshops and even a master’s degree in photography .

They deal with various topics and have specialized classes. The negative point they have is their high cost. [efsbutton style=»» size=»» color_class=»success» align=»left» type=»link» target=»false» title=»Receive information» link=»#OpenModal4475″] photography-workshop-ipad-peru iPad Location: Miraflores This institute has 3-year courses, 1-year courses and short 2-month courses. There are certain disadvantages that it faces, such as the issue of crossing schedules with those of work, the few parking lots that exist France Phone Number you to move to the beaches. On the other hand, they have a lot of variety in the courses they teach for art lovers. Cercado de Lima The Lima Art Museum offers short 6-month courses in photography. These courses are well spoken of because of their low cost and good level of educational quality.

The Best Places to Study Photography in Lima

However, in terms of reputation and the Museum’s certification, it is not highly by companies. There are also no specialization programs and it is more aimed at someone who wants to study photography as a hobby. [efsbutton style=»» size=»» color_class=»success» align=»left» type=»link» target=»false» title=»Receive information» link=»#OpenModal4475″] photography-course-in-lima-mott MOTT Location: Miraflores This digital specialization center offers you short workshops of 2 and 3 months; In addition, it has specialization courses that range from Advertising Fashion Photography to Photography and Camera Management . In addition, it also teaches a Product Photography Course with flexible and rotating schedules that adapts to students and workers, including online advice .

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It is definitely a very good option to complement university studies. [efsbutton style=»» size=»» color_class=»success» align=»left» type=»link» target=»false» title=»Receive information» link=»#OpenModal7145″] Conclution In Lima, there are many alternatives to study photography. However, the options are very few, as it depends a lot on what you expect to receive from the course. For that reason, so that you can make a good decision. We have selected four best places where you could study professional photography to complement your studies. Lima Retail Instagram: limaretail Linkedin: limaretail lima retail advertising agencies 9. Warike: An agency of few words Warike is a digital marketing and advertising agency that was in Lima with the purpose of developing campaign strategies on offline and online platforms .

Photography and Camera Management

For this reason, it stands out for its conceptual and creative base when responding to insight. In addition, it provides web development services, creation of a line of communication and design of corporate material. Warike draws attention among advertising agencies because they are as an agency of few words. In other words, they want their works to speak for themselves through their innovative campaigns. Likewise, their differential phrase is that they want to build brands on everyone’s lips.  On the other hand, Warike is one of the most important agencies. In the country since it has worked with important Peruvian brands. Website: warike Facebook: warike Linkedin. Warike warike Advertising agencies 10. Webtilia: Among the most recognized advertising agencies. Webtilia is one of the best advertising and digital marketing agencies in the national market.

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