The contents will change adapting to the new general trends

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The contents will change adapting to the new general trends

But it is not only important to understand how your own trends will change things, but also how the more specific ones will force companies to change what they do. This is what happens with the content. There are several lines that will modify the content that companies publish and share on social networks and in which they will have to start working (or at least be aware of how they will impact), as pointed out in an analysis by The Drum that complements the predictions from Forbes .

All these changes in content have to start from a key element. Brands will have to be more careful than ever with privacy , which has become the  cell phone database free  crucial point of tension in the industry and in the much more specific field of social media. Companies have to be able to launch content that works and to enhance consumer engagement, but without betraying their trust and without going too far in their use of data. This also notably connects with the boom, already mentioned, in private accounts.

Immersive content
As they explain in the analysis, consumers want to be part of the experience and be linked to the brand in a much deeper way. The contents have to try to make them feel that they are there, that they are living the experience in a much more ‘real’ way. This implies using more formats such as 360º videos or technologies that allow us to go one step further, such as augmented or virtual reality.

“Non-traditional” searches
Or what is the same: why your social media marketing strategy should also think in terms of SEO. Until now, the recurring thing when talking about positioning strategy and doing SEO work was to focus on what was happening in search engines (Google, in short).

In recent years, people have also started talking about the importance of Amazon as a search tool, since many purchasing processes start there. But as more topics are browsed also on social networks, as is the case with Instagram or Pinterest (the queen of these issues), thinking about making a positioning strategy is also important on social networks.

Voice assistants have grown remarkably in the last year and have also done so globally. The tech giants have been launching their smart speakers in many more markets and in many more countries, reaching even more consumers.

This is starting to have an impact on marketing in general but also on social marketing specifically. Companies have to start thinking about that part of the content in their marketing strategy as well, especially taking into account that more and more listeners and more audio content are consuming.

Messenger service
If something can be fixed simply by sending a message  cell phone database free , consumers will not want to have to write an email, call a customer service phone or chat with someone in the company.

In some countries, such as China, marketing in messaging apps is already well advanced and reaches a large mass of consumers. In other markets, such as the western one, there is still a lot to do and a lot of ground to conquer, but there is little doubt that the future will pass that way (and even more so if you take into account that WhatsApp is already working to offer business solutions).

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