The Creative Spirit of Daniel Goleman

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The Creative Spirit of Daniel Goleman

It is not a secret that Daniel Goleman is one of the best writers when it comes to creativity and psychology. Regarding the books on creativity, his work “The creative spirit” is a sum of both currents, because it perfectly explains the entire creative process that a human being goes through from a psychological perspective. The main message of this work is clear and concise: we can all be creative, regardless of whether you are a child, the elderly, a man, a woman, etc. Throughout the book, the authors focus on removing the creative block that many artists experience. Likewise, this is one of the best books for creative people, since it is also a review of art around the world and different perspectives are known in which the passion and perseverance for art is reflected.

Frustration, for Coleman, is something necessary and fundamental in any artistic discipline; so, in this book for creatives, you will be able to replace the negativity with a more positive perspective of the creative blocks and difficulties that all human beings go through. 8. Ana Montiel’s creative pencil creative exercises This unusual Singapore Phone Number is more practical than theoretical, since it has 44 exercises in which you will learn different drawing techniques, designs, textures, geometric compositions and much more. The author sees books to develop creativity as an extra tool that can be used by beginning artists who want to learn more about the world of art. If you think you still don’t know enough about the world of drawing, this book can also be a good opportunity to start practicing.

Ana Montiel’s Creative Pencil

We guarantee that, in the blink of an eye, you will already be an expert. Let’s know more books about creativity! 9. 365 Days of Art by Lorna Scobie exercise books to stimulate creativity In 365 days many things can happen. So much so that there is a book to promote creativity and innovation with the intention of making your imagination fly every day of the year. This is Lorna Scobie’s work “365 days of art”, which contains a large number of exercises and activities that will keep your creativity focused on from January 1 to December 31. As we mentioned at the beginning, the dynamics of this book to stimulate creativity is very simple: every day of the year you will have a new activity to do , there are calligraphy exercises, perspective, patterns, etc.

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Best of all, you don’t have to be an art expert to enjoy this book on creativity. Because you’ll still learn over time. One of the best books on creativity to keep you entertained daily! 10. Theory of creativity: Eclosion, glory and misery of the ideas of Jorge Wagensberg book on theory of creativity The Spanish writer Jorge Wagensberg devoted many years to research on how creativity works in human beings. This is how one of the best books for creatives was born: his famous work on the “Theory of Creativity”. According to the author, there are three basic ways to find new and innovative ideas: Analogy . This consists of being by an old idea, changing certain details to adapt it to the new context. While it may sound like something uninnovative, the reality is that the best ideas are born from past failed ideas. Combination .

365 Days of Art by Lorna Scobie

It is similar to the analogy, although, in this case, it is about merging two. Past ideas to generate an innovative idea. The challenge of this technique in this book on creativity is to ensure. That the two ideas are compatible with each other and have the same goal. Extension . It is based on expanding an idea that seemed truncated. In this case, it is important to first train yourself in creativity strategies. Since opportunities must be seen in places where no one else has seen them. If you are looking for books on creativity that. Instead of being manuals or recipe books, are theoretical. We totally recommend this text. We are sure that, at the end of reading it. You will feel that creativity is not something so foreign to you.

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