The cross – selling or cross – selling is selling a complementary service or product

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The cross – selling or cross – selling is selling a complementary service or product

To an existing customer. For example, let’s imagine that a customer regularly buys cat food from us, he may be interested in buying other items related to his pet. The Up selling or sale of more value, consists of evolving the client towards higher payment plans. Imagine that you have a client with a basic training plan, perhaps when he finishes it he will be interested in delving deeper on the subject and accessing a higher course. Both sales techniques try to increase the turnover of the company within existing customers. The sales funnel or funnel It is very likely   Czech Republic Phone Number List  that if we asked companies what a sales funnel is, many of them would not know what to answer. Sales funnel, sales funnel, conversion funnel or marketing funnel, are terms that you may be used to hearing, but unfortunately, there are very few companies that today implement a sales funnel in their company. It is a work methodology that we use to design a strategy that helps us increase the sales of our company. And if done right, I assure you that the ROI or return on investment can be more than significant. What is a Sales Funnel? We could give a definition of Sales Funnel from two complementary points of view: The methodology we use in our sales strategy to attract qualified traffic and convert it into customers. The set of processes that we enable on our website to accompany our visitors in their browsing process on our website, from the moment they enter until we convert them into customers.

As you can see, to determine what a sales funnel is, we need to talk about two key concepts. On the one hand, we are talking about a work methodology based on understanding that we need to work on three states of the users on our website: visits, leads and clients. And on the other hand, when we talk about processes we refer to all the online marketing actions and value generation that you will have to carry out on your website to generate digital trust and empathy and get that user to buy from you. Make no mistake, the sales funnel represents the best way to get customers today in a natural and automated way. And why do I need a Sales Funnel to sell? I could give you many reasons why you need a Sales Funnel, but some of the main ones are: Because the sale has changed. We have moved from a transactional sales model to an emotional, relational and personalized one. The growing increase in competition on the Internet means that the average purchase decision-making times have lengthened. Because 90% of the visits to your website go as they have arrived. Without buying. Without you knowing who they are. The different stages of a Sales Funnel will allow you to prevent a high percentage of visitors from leaving (those who have real interest) so that you can end up converting them into customers. Because with a sales funnel you will be able to add greater value to your users while establishing an interaction with them that helps influence their purchase decision. But the main reason why you need a sales funnel is because as a company, at all times you must adapt to the needs of your users and potential customers.

And people or users, even if you don’t know it, we have our own buying cycle. A cycle that we repeat always and in the same way every time we buy a product or service. Stages of the sales funnel As we said, the objective of a Sales funnel is to adapt to the purchase cycle of our target audience. Customer orientation will help us to adapt to their needs and their browsing habits in each phase, so that we can provide them with greater value, interact with them and if everything works well, influence their purchase decision towards our brand. Important. One of the factors that you are going to have to “watch the most” is the average period of time that it costs your client to make a decision, because based on that you will be able to do more or less things. In an online store, that period can be one or two days if there is real interest. But in a Marketing Agency for example, we can go to a term of between one or two months easily. The difference between the two is   Taiwan Database  enormous, so the online marketing actions to be carried out can never be the same. Depending on the behavior of your client, you will have to work in one way or another. And that way of working via a Sales Funnel will imply that you work on several different phases. When the user searches the internet because they have a need or problem, your company will have to appear in Google for those searches that the user makes. Attraction or Lead Acquisition Phase. When you ask for information and / or specific quotes, you must make sure that it is a quality Lead (sales opportunity). Leads Attainment Phase. And then, deploy a series of actions that allow you to add value to your user, in a personalized way, (Lead Nurturing Phase) to influence their purchase decision, because…… Finally, the user chooses a winner and buys from him. And I hope it’s you, because that will imply that your Sales Funnel strategy has worked.

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