The digital revolution for work

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The digital revolution for work

The traditional selection process in which you were able to go through the companies you aspired to work one by one is now in the past, leaving your CV and motivation letter; or go to placement companies and leave all your professional and contact information; wait at home in case they called the landline, summoning you for an interview, we will discuss the Digital Labor Revolution. Since the arrival of the Internet and with the incorporation and success of social networks in our daily lives, the possibility of communicating with any part of the world how do i call a mobile in greece and immediately, has not only changed our way of living or relating. The digital age has also brought about a huge change for the labor market, in which many borders have been opened with the need for new jobs, previously non-existent, and new forms and platforms for job search. The way in which the market has had a digital labor revolution is adapting to the omnipresence of the Internet is considered as a digital labor revolution. Digital labor revolution Let’s take a look at the current job search scenario. How is the proccess? What has changed? In the first instance, the sending of your CV through the network has been formalized (even in transnational companies with great repercussion and bureaucracy).

Either in a web page format, in established job portals, particular social networks with this function, as is the case with LinkedIn, or through pages such as WeTransfer mail. Regardless of the route, there is a point in common, we sell our professional skills online, obtaining almost unlimited access to emails from human resources agents around the world, but obviously finding much more competition. For this reason, it is essential to be different, know how to sell yourself and do it in an original way, respecting the traditional parameters (such as a good spelling, a good photo, a correct language, …) but offering something different that differentiates you and gives you added value. compared to the rest of thousands of internet users actively seeking employment.

How to find a job in the digital labor revolution? The truth is that all of us start from the same situation of equality when facing the job market that is offered on the Internet; The important thing is to know how to optimize these tools and detect where the job is in the sector that interests you. Aspects to consider. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you don’t exist. You should start opening your job file on this social network that has significantly increased search patterns. In this platform, visibility will be given to you by various roles, namely: 1) Indicate your experience and your validations. 2) Join interest groups that share information from your area that can Taiwan Database add value to conversations, projects, jobs and surveys. 3) Share and participate in relevant content, achieving visibility through opinions and referential articles for your audience. 4) Connect with the companies and professionals that are in your segment or with the personnel in charge of recruiting those organizations. 5) Generate a network of contacts that give you knowledge and the possibility of making yourself known. Job portals.

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