The digital world imposes the substitution (of friends, messages, data, convictions, values?)

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The digital world imposes the substitution (of friends, messages, data, convictions, values?)

Instead of recycling or reusing what is still valid, although it is no longer a novelty.
From this perspective, the information and knowledge that we already possess, on which our intelligence acts, could very well undergo its own recycling. Not all of them, nor as a rule, should we discard them just because something new comes up. Our tendency is to believe that what has just arrived is always superior to what it comes to replace, as if the  usa mobile phone numbers list  work of a graffiti artist could supplant that of Velázquez. I believe, on the contrary, that all past experience and knowledge, once refined and updated, are ready for a new learning, favor our training and increase our wisdom . I will give a practical example related to the world of marketing and the market.

Whoever supports his business, in whole or in part, on digital communication with his clients, has an immense list of analyzes, data, flows and kpis that accurately draw the behavior of his target and, therefore, guide the strategies to follow, continue. More and more sophisticated algorithms are even capable of anticipating purchasing behaviors that not even the consumer himself knows he is going to have. It’s a bit scary, but it is what it is. Data and methods, in any case, extremely topical.

Zara added last year2,947 million visits to its different online stores, totaling 143 million followers on social networks and registering a peak of 9,500 orders in one minute. Strong figures, no doubt. But has this new scenario meant the replacement of consumer data collection and analysis systems? Not at all, because a customer’s comment in a Zara store will always contain more complete information – however complex – than that obtained through a mouse click. Knowledge, it is true, comes from “data analytics”, but also from the appropriately recycled traditional system: direct information, with a face and a voice, from the point of sale. Thus, at its headquarters in Arteixo, there is a huge room with multiple screens in which no diagrams appear,

Example that machine learning has not come to disallow “human teaching”.

The knowledge that results from our intellectual activity should be incremental rather than substitute. All data and teaching is useful if we learn to discern between those who provide us with information and values ​​and those who deserve another qualification. In the circular economy, valorization is applied, that is, the use in the form of energy of what cannot be recycled as a new value of what is apparently useless. How much of what we have learned to this day seems useless to us? Surely a lot. Many of the subjects learned in school have accumulated dust in the storage room of memories. But such consideration forgets the usefulness of that training at the time we receive it. Mathematics helped shape certain abilities of the brain, Just like learning to play the flute, it created emotional territories that should be formed in early years. Not to mention that when we have children or grandchildren to help do homework, we turn that knowledge and experience into energy. Everything consists of repairing –if necessary–, reusing, recycling, and, finally, putting in value what is already known to alleviate even the anxiety about what we have left to know.

In all cities there are already several “clean points”, a kind of “civilized landfill” in which waste begins a new life, in a similar way to organic waste transformed into compost.

Where do we take, then, our outdated, spoiled, useless knowledge? Where can we give a second chance to data that has lost its validity, to the balance experience, to the skills that no one needs anymore? What is, in short, the clean point of our intelligence?

I believe that it is all that place, human relationship and personal concern that can still teach us to learn. Home, library, university, friends, social networks, curiosity? as learning paths. And just as the recycling of an object supposes an added effort to the one that in its day required its manufacture, the same happens with our particular wisdom if we want to extend its useful life: we must strive to continue learning from everything and everyone who can teach us.

Of course, it is good to remember that learning is active or it is not. Such an attitude forces us to set in motion our capacity for analysis, reflection and  usa mobile phone numbers list  criticism. The Internet is overflowing with data, information and, therefore, teachings ?, but that are useless if we do not pass them through the learning sieve to turn them into knowledge. It would be like going over and over in front of a pastry shop window and believing that that is enough to know the sweet taste.

In short, it is convenient to relearn what we already know, reuse what we know, renew what has already been overcome, repair accumulated errors, recycle our training and restore the value of our intelligence sometimes subjected to the sheer snobbery of modernity.

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