The fashion of content in an exclusive newsletter – two Spanish cases

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The fashion of content in an exclusive newsletter – two Spanish cases

Is it better to publish content on a blog or an exclusive newsletter? I present the cases of Bonilista and Futurizable.
No, this post is one more installment on the popular debate whether articles should be sent in whole or in part to blog subscribers . My point of view from the beginning has never changed. You have to make it as comfortable as possible for the reader, so I am in favor of sending the complete entry without the user having to go through your blog to receive all the information. Maybe this strategy is one of the reasons why Feedly loves me . newsletters Advantages and disadvantages of publishing content only by newsletter This time the debate is a little different and has to do with a recent “fashion” although it is honestly exaggerating a bit considering that I am based only on two Spanish cases. I tell you.

Publishing articles through a blog is not the only way to spread them. You can also do it through a newsletter . This means that if you are not registered on that France Mobile Number Database you will not have access to the content because it is not published anywhere else.
To give you an idea about the sense that this may have restricting access when what the rest of the world is looking for is just the opposite. To be able to reach the whole world. A year ago I was not subscribed to anything. It may seem a bit curious (and it is) considering that it is just what I am looking for in this blog. In recent months I have subscribed to two pages that publish content in this way. Bonilista and Futurizable are two star examples to publish a newsletter
David Bonilla has been with his Bonilista for a couple of years now . Every Sunday at 11 in the morning (Madrid time, Spain) you receive their new posts in your inbox. From experience I can tell you that it is a good idea to always publish at the same time and day so that your readers are clear when the next content will come out.

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From time to time he also publishes one of his content on his blog. In one of the most recent he gives you 10 ideas to get rich . Thinking about it with the amount of entries on this topic that I have the same, I would already play a top 10…:)
The contents are usually shorter but they always provide you with some point of view or useful information. If you have a start-up and / or you are an entrepreneur, this interests you. Another more recent newsletter is Futurizable by Javier Martín, also known for Loogic and other entrepreneurial projects. Curiously, estartapil also moves in the world. This new project deals with topics of the near future such as new technologies and trends .

They are typically very well-crafted posts of 5,000 words or more. I honestly scan them taking out the most relevant but for someone who is interested in a specific topic this information is pure gold. It can tell you about Bitcoin, Tesla, 3D printing or agriculture technology. I am interested in his content to keep up to date on different trends that he has investigated thoroughly. The contents arrive to you every Sunday at 9 in the morning.

Both posts have chosen a supposedly bad day from a blogger’s perspective. I think choosing Sunday is a smart choice since they practically do not compete with other publications and they ensure the exclusive attention of their readers. If it weren’t for my 3 kids, I could even be reading the newsletters before or during breakfast on Sunday. I’m sure many do.

I think that the newsletter format is exceptional and more powerful to position yourself than a blog. You differ today from practically everything that exists. To be successful, you can already intuit what you need. Or you are a David Bonilla who is good at writing Taiwan Database closely and also contributes ideas or atypical perspectives. Its contents usually have between 400 to 600 words.
On the other hand, you have Javier Martín who writes a small book on each subject that he deals with. This format would surely also be successful in blog form but in this way you generate a feeling of exclusivity that is more seductive for readers. It has even worked for me and I have been tough until then …;)

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