The formats that appear in the ads can be image, text, video or rich media.

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The formats that appear in the ads can be image, text, video or rich media.

The budget can be divided between the two networks. These are appropriate if our Adwords account has a history of significant conversions. In this way, seeking to broaden the audience that is impacted by the promotion. Campaign for the display network : Google gives us the ability to create ad campaigns on the display network . This network is made up of a large number of web pages of different themes . In this way, a business can be promoted and reached a user who browses the internet from anywhere in the world. The main objective of the campaigns for the display network is to be able to generate great notoriety and therefore, the visualizations phone numbers database free download of the ads are more important than the clicks or visits to the website. Shopping Campaigns: These Adwords campaigns are specially made to reach users who have high intentions to buy , and they focus on a format that is fundamentally visible. These are ideal for online stores. Remarketing Campaign : It is a variant of the previously touched campaigns. This allows you to show ads to users who have previously visited a website and have had a defined behavior within the page . This is a recommended SEM campaign for advertisers who want to boost their sales by reconnecting with potential customers . Mobile Application Campaigns: In this Adwords campaign, unlike the rest, the advertiser does not create an ad .

If not, the platform itself designs it by adapting the format to the different networks where it appears. Track an Adwords campaign The follow-up report that can be generated after an SEM campaign will depend on the type of campaign that was carried out and the objective with which it was carried out: SEM to gain traffic: In this case, you will have to take into account the increase in clicks made through the ads that were paid and also by the CTR data. The results that this report offers us will help you to know if your ad strategy is being effective. SEM to sell a product: If the objective is to sell a product, the effectiveness of the paid ads must be taken into account . Both in social networks, as in search engines , and compare the amount of money invested in the campaign to have the reach (Cost per Acquisition), with the amount of money you are receiving thanks to the customers you attract through the Adwords campaign (CT or Conversion Rate ). Tips for creating successful SEM campaigns The use of these campaigns through Google Adwords gains strength with each passing day.

There are many companies that choose to pay for search engine ads in order to rank as high as possible . If you want to be among the first, follow these tips that we are going to give you below: Use the geographic location depending on the country where you want to position. Create multiple ad groups in each SEM campaign you run. Use the keyword Taiwan Database planner to find the right one. Rotate your ads frequently to increase the reach of your campaigns. Give importance to the text of your ads , to capture the attention of users. Link your Adwords account with Google Analytics, this will help you to have all the data of your conversions. Work with the results of Google Trends to find out which Keyword has the most traffic volume .

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