The important thing about a well-executed advertising

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The important thing about a well-executed advertising

Campaign is that it can generate interest and increase the number of visitors to a place. As I have taught you in a few previous points, campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Ads can be a very good option, since they are more visual than those of Google Ads. Even so, the latter is also a very good option, since with Google Ads you are going to reach people who are really looking for a business in your sector and in a specific place. The digital trafficker is the professional who will help you in this. google ads for tourism An example of a tourism marketing advertising name from phone number india campaign that I find super original is EasyJet’s “Best of Social Media” on the World Travel Market. The company launched a campaign to promote the Look & Book booking app. With the application, the user books a flight from a photo they see on Instagram, even if they don’t know where it is. How does it work? The app uses an optical recognition system for images published on Instagram, which confirms the name of the destination in a database. easyjet campaign example At that time, it approved 7,500 photos, which translated into 400 reservations. Do you need advice on tourism marketing for your company? >> Fill in the form and we will contact you. 5. Create a hashtag to monitor the tourist campaign When planning the campaign, define the hashtag you want to use.

Use the label in social networks to promote tourism services, brand or product, gain reach and increase the presence of your business. I’m going to give you some tips that you should keep in mind: Determine the Hashtag: Check if the tag you want to use is available. But since the idea is to monitor the impact of a campaign, it is necessary to create a new hashtag that will allow you to analyze its statistics and obtain the specific data to evaluate the performance. Remember that the # should be short, simple, easy to read and remember. Connect with the public : Analyze the hashtag well, since it should awaken the participation of the audience and feel identified with it. Choose the language: In general, companies favor hashtags in their own language, as it promotes the connection with the real public. But in the case of the tourism sector, it is valid to include labels in different languages ​​to connect with foreign audiences who, to a large extent, are potential customers.

Use tools: There are applications that help you with the task of choosing hashtags and monitoring them. My favorite tool for this is Metricool . You can keep up to date with trends and analyze everything you need. A clear example of how hashtags work in your tourism marketing strategy can be seen in the promotion organized by For the campaign they invited a group of influencers to the island. The company covered all the expenses of their stay under the agreement that they would upload stories to Instagram with the hashtag #VisitFormentera . example visitformentera The initiative was a success, which resulted in an increase in visits to this small island located in the Mediterranean Sea in the middle of COVID19. I go with another Taiwan Database example. Although it was not promoted by any company, I will tell you about the campaign that the South African government carried out under the #MeetSouthAfrica label. They invited 14 bloggers and distributed them throughout the nine provinces with vehicles equipped with Wi-Fi. With the hashtag #MeetSouthAfrica (which is still viral today) they showed the most emblematic sites of the country on social networks. The campaign demonstrated the ability to integrate social networks with content in real time. 6. Local SEO and Google My Business Before making the decision, the tutors want to know everything about what they are going to do and where they are going to go, this includes the opinions of other people.

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